Just another reason why she is an idiot...

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  1. (Firstly, anyone who thinks Backmann is not ambitious for power is a fool. Secondly, what sense does it make to take a job that typically requires a couple of years to learn to be effective...plan ahead of time on being a one term president? If you are good at the job, then serve two terms. This woman is just a dim bulb lighting up a moldy refrigerator when she opens up her yap. No wonder the klannish like her...)

    Anyone who is worried about what a potential Michele Bachmann presidency would look like should stop worrying, because by her own admission, she isn't ambitious and would not subject America to a second term of her presidency.

    If Republican Michele Bachmann decides to make a run for the presidency, she said it will be without any thoughts of a second term.

    "I'm a principled reformer, and my goal is to see the country turn around," she said. "I'm also committed to being a one-term president if that's what it takes in order to turn things around, because this is not about a personal ambition.

    "It's about getting our financial house in order and to become respected again in the world on an international scale," Bachmann said in a telephone interview with The Des Moines Register on Friday.

    Of course, it should only take Michele Bachmann four years to accomplish all of those things. Then we could all safely retire and let Jeopardy-playing robots guide us into the next century.
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    It's generally advisable to check your own spelling prior to calling someone else an idiot. It just looks better.

  3. My thoughts of the circus (Palin,Trump,birthers,Bachmann etc)going on in the republican party today

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    gee, not like i haven't seen that 10,000 times before.