Just an idea - stocks in the sky.

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  1. Not sure if this is in the right forum but I'll try here.

    What if you made a blank page and it was completely black this would be the sky.

    Each stock would represent a star on your black sky page. It would actually be a small dot.

    Then choose a number of stocks (however many would fit on this "sky" page and be readable). So you might choose 500 or 5,000 stocks. They wouldn't need to be in any order on the sky page but could be moved around with a mouse cursor.

    The days volume would equal the intensity of light (or size) of the "dot"

    The price would denote color red or green and intensity.

    Click on the dot would give you the symbol price and volume.

    You could watch every equity like stars in the sky.

    Next step would be to move the dots into quadrants.

    The quadrants could be any criteria.

    Re arrange them, by light intensity, color.

  2. If it's not profitable then you might as well be pondering the meaning of life.
  3. daybyday


    A planetarium of the market...

    Great idea, nutmeg.

    I saved a Forbes article from about 1985 for myself, about a man who did software along those lines. I thought it was extremely cool.
    His concept was more like a 3 dimensional football field.
    Financial instruments doing neutral were on the playing field.
    Instruments doing well were ABOVE the playing field.
    Instruments doing poorly were BELOW the playing field.
    Color-wise red was bad, green was good.
  4. Thanks Clubber.

    I'm not surprised there was something out there I was looking for, just didn't know what to call it or where to find it.
  5. interesting. So what would be your idea?

    if (Volume is strong and Price is going up) then go up???
  6. Well, if I had such a star map, I would like to see what developes from watching this. Use the butterfly theory. If a butterfly flaps his wings in China, it creates wind in the U.S.

    One could probably discern a trend early.
  7. chaos theory? for stocks....
    i feel like this is going to lead to a long stock market metaphysical conversation.
  8. the market only exhists in your mind nutmeg in reality there is no market....
    it is not the market that trends... it is only yourself
  9. nutmeg: VisualTrader.com might work for you.
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