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  1. With all these noise or personal attacks in ET, why don't we have a trading competition in ET.

    We can have a tournament with who will win the most money in a given period in ET Chat. The others in the chat can be the referee.

    Because everyone's timeframe is different, why not separate the time period of trades.

    Any suggestions?

    Maybe get a new title like "Champion Scalper" or "Champion Swing Trader" under their name.

    It might be fun and might bring some energy to this site and also the chat.
  2. Problem is, when someone is in a "competition mode" he/she usually don't trade as good
  3. gann,

    i support that idea. i think it would be much fun and bring back the focus and energy of ET. baron could even use it in his marketing to attract new members. small cash prizes--put up by a sponsor or two-- the possibilitys are endless.

  4. I'm sure there a lot of problems with the legitimacy of the calls. Some might just call a fake order 30 sec. after the market blasts. So it might be better if they call the placed order and then call whether they got filled or not like:

    "5 ES Limit 1000.00"

    "Filled 4 ES 1000.00"


    "5 NQ Stop at 1000.00"

    "Filled 3 NQ at Even, 2 NQ at .25"

    Most of ET Chatters follow the same market anyways so it's obvious when someone makes a fake call.

    One more suggestion would be to have the competition categorized by the market they trade like Futures, Stocks or All markets.

    It'll be great if the competitor gets a highlighted message for everyone to see.

    I don't think ET Chat needs an online broker capability... maybe in the near future :) ... But maybe have Baron or Andre start an organized competition in ET like have a thread in the Announcement saying, "Register for July Trading competition"
  5. bobcathy1

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    There is only one way to do this.
    It HAS to be REAL MONEY.
    Submit the brokerage statement at the end of the month. (minus the account numbers of course)
    The biggest PERCENTAGE gain wins!

    PS...I am not playing. I already know where I would end up.:(
  6. It doesn't have to be real. In a chatroom, a good call is a good call. It might be more of a competition to see who makes the best calls in ET Chat.

    Maybe start off with a momentum timeframe because it's too hard for a scalper to post all of the working orders...

    Anyways, I want to go head to head with losloslos to show that Fib is BS... :eek: :D
  7. nitro


    This is the ONLY way that matters.

    But I am a little bewildered by this. Isn't haven't to pay your bills enough motivation to make money? I have to feed my six year old, pay a mortgage, pay a car loan, pay two more mortgages, get dog food, etc ad infinitum?

    If that is not enough motivation to make a living from trading, what is?

    However, if you want to compete let me know the rules, as I will be there anyway.

  8. Honestly, I am suggesting this idea to benefit my own trading.

    ET benefitting from this is just a sub-product. If Baron and Andre thinks this is a good idea and get something in line... along with some rules, I wouldn't mind making calls to start things up.

    nitro... I wouldn't mind competing in a challenge with you first. It might be a good reason to bring my wheel to the office and also a reason to start doing some pushups front of others in the office... :D


    Also, it might be fun... not that I don't enjoy the frat house environment in ET Chat...
  9. So what are your rules.




  10. Baron...

    Can this idea be possible???

    I still want to go head to head with a few guys...

    1. losloslos... I want to shut his "genau" ass

    2. nitro... yeah yeah... Yo mama's so fat, when she did a bunjee, she dropped straight to hell...

    3. Others... paper traders gotta goto hell!!!

    4. Andre and Baron. YOU don't make ET! Posters in ET is the backbone in ET!!!!! So when do I get to do the next chat!!!

    OK, just kiddin about the next chat... sorry... you guys are ROCK SOLID!
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