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  1. Just followin the fashion and starting my own journal.
    The point of it is to track previous results, mistakes and other stuff if needed later.
    I trade forex for 4+ years already now. Last 2 are in consistent monthly profit. I trade mainly patterns. macd is the only thing I use and its only for confirmation, sometimes I place a trade not looking at this indi.
    The reason I want to switch from currency markets to stocks is the quantity of instruments. I mean sometimes I cant place a trade for a few weeks in forex just because my perfect setup didnt come up. There is no doubt that there are much more stocks which can draw a sexy chart. And I want to check that out. If it works well Im going to close my forex accounts with the years end and trade stocks only.
    So Im gonna papertrade with 100k using thinkorswim platform and still trade forex live. But I will place only trades for stocks because thats the field where I want to do some research and want to concentrate completely on that.
    Who are not interested in paper-journal - feel free not to post here and follow it. I mainly do it for myself. At the moment Im placing all the stuff in the separate folder, but I think it would be easier to do if I place things here. + some participants may want to coment or ask a question.

    How its going to work. I will post my orders before the market is open. Usually they are done till the end of the day - either stoploss either profit. By the end of the day I will post profit or loss taken. Pictures will be attached as well.
    Every friday its going to be an acc statement posted.

    Will start this monday. Im going on hollidays 08.01 - 08.18, so I doubt that I will be that bored and keep posting and papertrading. So we gonna pause there.

    As for now I attach some info, where I am at the moment.
  2. one more thing. money management risk management. and what exactly Im looking 4.

    since there is 100k account: the idea is to put maximum 50% of it in stocks per 1 day. If I have 100k cash now I can put 50k in stocks, if no positions were closed - next day I can put maximum of 25k etc. But Im positive that there will be much smaller percent of equity in stocks.
    First I set a target. Then I set a logical stop, based on support/resistance and other stuff. which cant be bigger than 1,5 of reward. I think it would be easier to understand the setup itself and how stops and tp are placed if you check here:

    and also check the next page of that thread - I explain the stuff.

    attached the chart of the stock and how it usually works.

    hope u get it.
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  3. ej looks gorgeus. will definitely include in tommorows entry list

    10.80 is the trigger for buy stop
    10 is the stop loss if triggered

    anyway will post the whole list tommorow.
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  4. triggers for today
    EJ 10.80
    PRGN 16.91
    RSC 12.15
    CGX 50.01
    HEI/A 27.01
    ATI 57.01
  5. Added several more.
    The whole picture for today looks like that:
  6. uncia


  7. nothing really happend today. 3 tiggers, no covers. Nearly all buy stops rolled over for tommorow.

    HEIA just triggered, will see how it develops
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  8. Hi, thanks.
    Those two look pretty cool, but they are not what Im looking for. I look particulary for a quite a long lasting free fall or a rise, and it should be without major consolidations during its way.

    buy low and sell higher, or sell high and buy lower - thats how I see money could be made on wallstreet.

    I would trade tso with triangle break.

    P.S. BTW H. Paulson on CNBC
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  9. As I said before, nearly nothing changed.

    3 trigs executed yesterday so stop loss orders are set.
  10. looking good so far.

    done with heia, maybe a bit early exit.
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