Just a heads up fwiw

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  1. Baron, not sure if you saw this so thought I would post it. Pretty big numbers.

    "....a financial website called Zero Hedge was running the following item: “S&P 500 futures are currently experiencing the largest intraday drop in May — seemingly set off by this [sic] which was largely a joke uttered about an hour ago.” It then quoted a 2:12 p.m. tweet that said, “over/under on a 3 p.m. Hilsenrath article hinting tapering [of QE] is coming sooner than later.”

    After that, Zero Hedge added, “which promptly escalated into a full-blown rumor that Hilsenrath is about to issue an article heralding the end or tapering of QE. Sigh.”

    More than 11,400 people read the Zero Hedge item, and 231 commented on it — so the rumor had legs.