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  1. Note: I am including a heavily redacted Trade Summary from a demo account I picked up to prove my point. Summary 1 shows the Beginning Balance and Summary 2 shows the Ending Balance.

    I traded a modified version of what I wrote about on this forum. I began on this Monday, the 17th of August 2009, and closed all position this Friday, the 21st of August 2009 - for a full one week swing trade.

    You will not that there are multiple orders - however, you will also recall that I consider this block of orders to be considered just one order or one single trade. You will also the multiple positions around the same pair statement, made previously in another thread. In other words, each one of the trades you see here, were logically linked and dependent upon each other.

    Final note: There were ZERO losses this week. The entire trade closed out with each component in the black. The first two (2) positions that you see were entry errors and I closed them immediately for a 2.5 pip loss (near the spread) which is evidence of having made an entry error in typing. I reversed the direction of both of those orders when I re-entered them and those two orders were allowed to run to maturity and closed in the black.

    I HAD to wait until all segments of the trae CLOSED this week. This profile is a SWING profile and therefore typically needs one full week to concluded.

    This was ONLY a sample. This was NOT from my primary account. This was from a temporary DEMO account used this week for the purpose of illustration ONLY. Do no tray this at home. Experienced Traders ONLY. Don't drink while trading. Never trade while on medication. Caution, naysayer on fire, etc.

    I picture is worth a thousand words.

    Never say "it can't be done." You can accomplish what you put your mind to.

    Summary 1:


    Summary 2:

  2. Items forgot:

    Total Notational Value Traded was: 910,000 Euros, in multiple wrapped positions.

    Total cash used to make ALL trades was: $4,400.00 USD.

    Total return sought per profile (all trades): 20%

    Total return this profile (all trades): 81% (net/net)

    Total return performance (this profile): Outperform @ 61%
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    Wow, a successful papertrader... You are an absolute anomaly that should be worshipped. Where should we send the gold statue?
  4. Congrats!! now you can redeem the paper money for some prizes

    Come back when your live!!!
  5. So predictable.

  6. Yeah, I'll be sure to come back when I'm live, so that you can rip-off what you DON'T already know from my hard labor. Yep, sure thing.

    Ain't - gonna - happen.

    Paper trade paper schmade. If it happens, it happens. If it does not happen, it does not happen. The trading platform could care less that it was on paper. The trading system could give a hoot that its signal was going to be used in a paper trade and the week does not ask whether or not the trade is on paper.

    Only fools make excuses in the face of evidence.
  7. I am not necessarily a skeptic where you are concerned, Mr Bugatti (I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt).

    However, I have to tell you that you're being plain silly. Firstly, it's a paper trade. It's a well-known fact that paper trading performance is not an accurate predictor of actual performance. PNLs on paper may appear larger than they are.

    Secondly, you say yourself that this is a single trade. How is performance of a single trade supposed to provide insight into the performance of your incredible, all-conquering strategy?


  9. Maybe they put something in the water that people drink here on ET, or maybe I'm just way out on Pluto or something, but did I not say that I cannot post live trades as I have no real way of redacting the profiles AND that not doing so, would reveal "too much" of what I've worked "too hard" to produce?

    Did I not say that?

    Did I not say that the only thing I could think of, would be to post some results from a demo account, if I had the time? I thought I said that - did I not? Correct, me if I am wrong. Correct me if I did not say that prior to posting these results.

    First (and I can't believe I have to explain this), these results are not back-tested results, for crying out loud. These results come from this week - look at the dates. Look at the last date for the last segment closed - it was TODAY - not 10 years ago.

    Second, contemporaneous, mechanical trades are real by physical definition. They cannot possibly be anything else. This profile traded here was exactly the same profile that I had running under my actual trading account. However, I am not about to post balances or anything else for that matter, from my actual accounts. So, the only thing I could do was post results from a demo account running in parallel with actual. And, that's exactly what you got - like it or leave it - results are results as long as the system used is mechanical.

    Now, if you use a manual system for entry and exit, then your complaint would be valid and logical because anyone can fudge what they "might do" with what the "actually did" prior to closing each position. However, there is no way possible for me to trade such a complex profile manually especially in a market that runs 24 HOURS per day!

    What? Is somebody here on "elite" going to tell me that I had on sleep this week? That I stayed up since Monday when the positions were first entered and never closed my eyes as I manually maneuvered my way to picking-off points at which I would close positions? If so, that would be on par for this forum, but it would also be silly.

    Mechanical, contemporaneous, profiled (stops and limits) trades, done any way against live market data, is proof positive that something either worked or did not work.

    Show me the trader who does not test their ideas first, before going to market with them in real-time, and I'll show you somebody pretending to be a real trader.

    So, if anyone uses paper to proof their theories about what they will do in live trading and then turn around in the exact same breath and throw stones at those same paper proofs, then that would be the absolute height of irrational behavior and hypocrisy for the trader. Not to mention completely illogical.

    You cannot define a proof as being valid for future expectations and then turn right around and invalidate that SAME kind of proof when it does not fit the curve of your ulterior motive to debunk one using the EXACT same proofing methodology.

    Case in point.
  10. It does exactly what I said it would do - show that it works and nothing more.

    I'm not here to educate, nor am I here to give anything away. You have to be able to read in context what was written prior to me posting the results from this week. I simply told my story, that's all and nothing more. I was asked to post some live calls and made it crystal clear that such a tremendously stupid thing would not come from me. I'm not here to hand-out what I worked hard to get, sorry. I was here to tell my story, that's it.

    The results came as a way of providing proof of what I said. Redacted, for sure. You only see the summary, not the actual entry and exit points - nor do you see the notational value of each trade independently. Again, too much can be gleaned from my posting such information.

    You will also not that before I posted these results, that somebody would raise an objection, claiming that there was something wrong with them. And, in typical online trading community fashion, they did not disappoint and came through showing their true colors. No amount of information or evidence will ever be enough for such naysayers.
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