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  1. I just got called up for jury duty. I am a professional trader and I was curious how other professional traders have handled this particular obstacle to earning a living. Any thoughts/advice for getting excused?

  2. I got a letter for jury duty and filled out the exemption form and I got the exemption.
  3. check the county. usually they have a hardship exemption and a letter will often get you out.
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    Wear Plaid.
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    Here's the best way, IMO. Go on down, then when the lawyers start talking to you, just strongly state your opinion. Your opinion will match one side or the other. You are certain to be struck from the jury panel.

    Like if it's a car accident case, if you believe in no fault insurance, tell them. If it's a capital murder case and you don't believe in the death penalty, let them know. If it's a theft case tell them "everybody" has stolen something in their life. They don't want to hear these things.

    Lawyers can't handle these type of answers. They want people who are easily manipulated and who are not independent thinkers. If you represent yourself in such a way as to let them know that your opinions will not be swayed, there's no way they want you on the jury. I mean, one side will, but not the other one.
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    Throw it in the garbage, you won't be asked for another 6 months, that works about 3 or 4 times.
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    This is really bad advice.
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    Here is an idea - go serve. It is your civic duty.
  10. Gee, that's funny. Maybe they should try paying smth reasonable for the time they take up. I dunno, some people actually have to work and support families. You know, some people actually would like to do jury duty if it was not such a financial stress. Who wants to risk getting stuck for weeks, getting paid $10 a day? Even if you make 6 figs a year, some people actually have financial obligations on that level already.
    If they paid a reasonable rate, they would have no problem with getting a diverse jury duty or people constantly trying to get off jury duty. But hey, they would rather spend that money on paying idiot judges and fighting the War on Drugs & War on Terrorism.

    Civic duty, f**k that sh*t. I know people who actually had problem paying the rent by being chosen for jury duty. Yeah, apprently your bills & your landlord don't care about the civic duty, neither do your children's needs.

    Use the terms "jury nullification", ask the judge what that is and you'll be excused. State that you believe that cops are liars and trained as such (it's true). If it's a civil trial, just have bias toward the incident. Dunno bout playing the racist card, it won't fly in NYC anymore.

    They might let you off on financial hardship but only if there are enough ppl who say they don't experience it or their employers pay their time on jury duty.

    Oh yeah, if you trade at the office, you can ask your group leader or whatever write a letter that states that you are needed to be there and cannot miss days cause you handle client capital or some sh*t. Make up smth about possibly losing an account if you are not there.
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