Jurik RSX

Discussion in 'Programming' started by singhvi, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. singhvi


    I found that the Jurik RSX was a nice smoothened indicator. However I found it to be expensive. Is there any other similar indicator that we can use? I use Metatstock 10.1.
  2. vinc


    smoothness deserves an extra buck , doesn't it?? not that it has any predictive power /what does?/.. my guess is it makes one lose money in a smooth way.. it does seem to make a difference for some people..:)
  3. kut2k2


    RSX is just a very smooth version of RSI. So if you like RSI, you should love RSX and buy it. Me, I don't like RSI so I see no need to think about RSX, much less to buy it.

    First, ask what you want from an indicator, then look for those free indicators that come closest to achieving those desired characteristics. And if that indicator or combination of indicators doesn't quite come up to your standards, look for ways to unconventionally apply them that will take you closer to your goal(s). It takes creativity, hard work and maybe a little luck, so good luck to you.

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