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    on their (bad) site they write about radar and military and defining most probable position of a target. does anyone know more about these things?

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    did anybody read his book "computerised trading"?
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  3. It appears that the Jurik MA method uses one MA only

    Has anyone backtested and found that this is clearly more effective than the old fashioned SMA crossover?

    Sometimes "new indicators" or "cool inventions" get all the attention, and its not uncommon that old reliables are almost as effective or better

    just curious
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  4. make that "better than two MA's (crossover"

    such as 5/20, etc
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  5. just21


    You should test the sma crossing the jma, instead of jma crossing jma of different time periods. The jma is closer to the price and has less lag than the sma. Maybe even use the same parameter for jma and sma. What other rules do you need for a ma system?
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  6. ..."It appears that the Jurik MA method uses one MA only"

    The Jurik indicators are not methods or trading systems by themselves. With the Jurik toolset for eSignal I can overlay one, two, or however many JMA averages onto a chart I would like.

    It is up to the user to decide how to use these indicators in trading, Jabez1947 yesterday suggested a book that looks like a perfect mesh with Jurik to create more of a ordered "system" to go with these indicators.

    I have not read it yet thou but am considering buying it, maybe I will put it on my Christmas list since my wife never has a clue what to get me...http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/t...f=sr_1_1/104-4926813-4388733?v=glance&s=books
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  7. Building a jurik'd macd can be pretty cool too.
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  8. Although I use just the basic Jurik RSX indicator in my trading, the recent upgrade to the Jurik toolset for eSignal includes a few MACD variants. Here is what it includes...

    Includes the following indicators:

    Basic JMA --- plots JMA over price bars

    Basic VEL --- plots VEL and zero line

    Basic RSX --- plots RSX and adjustable thresholds

    Basic DMX --- plots DMX, DM- and DM+

    MACD JMA --- plots difference between two JMA signals

    MACD VEL --- plots 2 VEL signals or their difference (user option)

    MACD RSX --- plots 2 RSX signals or their difference (user option)

    MACD RSX + trailing SMA --- plots RSX MACD and SMA(MACD) for crossover analysis

    VEL + trailing JMA --- plots VEL and JMA(VEL) for crossover

    RSX + trailing JMA --- plots RSX and JMA(RSX) for crossover analysis

    RSX + trailing SMA --- plots RSX and SMA(RSX) for crossover analysis

    Custom Price Line --- plots any valid EFS expression using Open, High, Low, Close
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  9. manz66


    I wish someone create a hedge fund, which only trade scalping method. It is the purest form of trading. Scientist is right that you can have 'no losing day' with scalping.

    Again, you have to find right instrument for scalping.
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