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  1. What do you think of Jurik indicators as compared to their traditional counterparts? Like or dislike? Which ones have you tried?

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    They are awesome at modeling the past, useless for predicting the future.
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    you know that reminds me, in my noob days I thought ZIG ZAG indicators were awesome MAN :p
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    I find them fascinating. I think the JMA is the best way to model the present, not the past. The only thing that gives me pause and has prevented my purchase is the PHASE parameter, which seems to be more of a marketing gimmick than something with a sound theoretical foundation. But I admit that I've been unable to fully reverse-engineer Jurik's disclosed description of the JMA.
  5. The are like a "better moving average", or a "better oscillator" type of indicator.

    In other words, while they have refined what already exists, they are only that, a refinement of something which wasn't that great to start with.

    Nothing reads better than price action.

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    A hammer, nails and wood in the hands of a carpenter makes a house. But a carpenter makes a house from an architectural drawing, which is a viable model of what the house will look like and the stresses it can handle.

    Jurik "indicators" are examples of wood, nails and hammer. You still need a carpenter and an architectural drawing.

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    That's kinda like saying cooking is only a refinement of something (raw meat) which wasn't that great to start with.

    The difference between a great filter and a poor filter can make all the difference between profit and loss.

    But indicators are not trading systems; they are parts of trading systems. Indicators still have to be fitted into a logical arrangement to make a trading system.

    You can see this where some people have dismissed the JMA because it has more whipsaws with price than a SMA has with price. Talk about missing the whole point of the JMA!
  8. Indeed
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    Wow, I had forgotten about Mark Jurik, talk about a blast from the past. He is an engineer and he applied some digital signal processing to data series. Based on "if it works you will never hear about it" probably his stuff works great :D
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    I haven't heard of these.
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