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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by B.Willis, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. B.Willis


    Does anyone use Jurik Indicators in System development?

    Did you experience any improvement against ordinary indicators?

    I would use Jurik´s RSX as a filter for a swing trading system, but don´t know yet if it´s worth the money.
  2. The indicators are *excellent*. Very low lag, very fast.

    Lots of other indicators out there, but nothing touches these. Worth every nickle. They paid off on the very first trade for me.
  3. Is it? Had them but threw them out for something homegrown. Found them totally useless.

    vital statistix
  4. B.Willis


    Does anyone have any backtest results?
  5. Save your money. I've found the JMA to be no better than the T3 MA, which kind can be found online for free.
  6. just21


    Mark Jurik ws going to release JMA2 to registered users of JMA but says he has something better. I wish he would get on with it!
  7. Backtest of what? Backtest is for a trading system. The Jurik tools are not a system, but indicators.
  8. B.Willis


    Of course it´s possible to build trading systems without indicators, but most developers use indicators in their systems.

    I don´t understand what you mean.
  9. kut2k2



    Seriously does anybody have some performance data that justifies the use of a Jurik indicator -- any Jurik indicator? :confused: TIA.