Jurik indicators for TS for sale. NOT warez

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    I am selling the Tradestation version of JMA, VEL, and CFB. Price is $257 which is exactly what it will cost me to purchase the version for the platform I now use. I paid $445 which is the current price (I believe - check their website). The version I own is the most current and will work with TS 7.2. I have the original disks and documentation and postmarked fedex envelope which they were delivered in. You can read up on Juriks Indicators at http://www.jurikres.com or search the web. You will find they are highly reccomended by almost everyone who uses them. I will trade these for the DLL versions if you have proof of ownership. Other than that no swaps or haggling please. Remove the z's from the following email address: sam_92841z@yahooz.com
  2. Could you should me a screen shot of a few of the Jurik Ma's

    applied to the e-mini NQ Futures contracts chart... say 100TB.

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    No can do, sorry. The indicators only work with TS, which I no longer own. Go to juriks web site they have a wealth of info.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but arent the Jurik indicators machine locked and/or to TS?
  5. Jurik offers them for a variety of platforms,
    even Excel.

    I looked into this stuff a while ago, IMO,
    if you are unprofitable, you will be unprofitable with Jurik as well.
    JMA is a very good signal smoothing algorithm.
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    There are different versions of Juriks indicators. The version I have will work with TS only. I dont know about machine locked. I had to call in to get an auth code, weather it is tied to the machine or not I dont know.

  7. Uhhmmm... I don't know, but I've seen
    Jurik indicators available in EDonkey.

    I did not download it, thus I don't know
    if these are hacked versions, but I think
    this is an argument they are not locked some way :confused:
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    TS versions are locked to CustomerID.

    DLL & XL generate some sort of computer fingerprint...

    You can get up to 2 passwords for two machines for DLL & XL version.

    You can be very creative with them...:cool:

  9. swheat: so if these inidicators are locked to your TS and you
    dont have your TS how will these indicators be useful to me? Am
    I missing sompn? Do Jurik allow license transfer?
  10. Thanks for the info:

    What do you mean: You can be very creative with them?

    And on the DLL version, are you saying you can have 2 development machines (and compiled program will work on other computers), or that it will only work on 2 machines period?

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