Junk Food Diet

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  3. Thanks for the article :)
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    I know a woman that has had a very strict organic diet with lots of veggies for 20+ years... she's on her second round with cancer!! She's in good shape for walking distances and all but she has the cancer, that pretty much cancels every other benefit of her diet...
  5. hmm really gets ya thinking... I hope they do more studies about this.

    I know I sure can't eat a diet even close to that or I'd gain 5 pounds in 2 days!! Not fair!!! lol :p

    p.s. Did you know that twinkies are one the longest non-decaying foods ever? Just saying...
  6. There's anecdotal evidence, that white caucasian's (full of tinned, salted etc foods-may have been a war thing) didn't rot down in the jungles of Papua New Guineau at anywhere near the rate of native's, who had a still primitive/truly organic diet.
  7. you been on it your entire life. you have no clue how to eat healthy
  8. Wouldn't it be amazing to find out that all it takes is just calorie restriction and, thus, being able to eat whatever one wanted?
  9. ya like wouldn't it be amazing if vitamins and minerals, protein really didn't matter!!
  10. If you go on a calorie restricted diet and lost weight and if you record your calorie intake daily and your weight loss daily, you can calculate
    your maximum calorie intake to maintain a specific weight.

    I did that years ago and it still works. My maximum calorie intake to
    maintain 150 lbs is 1700 calories per day.
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