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Discussion in 'Trading' started by JimBob69, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. JimBob69


    Has anyone ever heard of Juniper Group? I got an email from a investor newsletter that I recently signed up for talking about them? I see they just signed a deal with the Indiana State Police. Anybody have some comments. Thanks
  2. JimBob69


    Just made some money off of them last week. Bought at .0007 and sold at .0013. Bought 1 million shares. Today they are at 0.001. I can not find any other boards talking about them. Any ideas from anyone?:D
  3. Hope your not paying per share pricing on that order :D :D :D
  4. Oh great, the return of yet another pump and dump penny stock nonsense. Golly, I guess were so dumb that we would actually pay any attention to this.

    Baron? Mod's?

    Clue, hmm, Feb 2008 registered.


  5. WOW...thanks for the great tip.

    I just bought 1 share. Hope this thing can double!!!
  6. jmoo


    Timmay is prob short, it's going to 0!!!! Wait is that one tick??!!??

  7. Exactly...and the reason they are going to zero:
    they'll be sued by Juniper Networks due to name infringement.
  8. JimBob69


    Gee I hope no one was offended by someone new starting in the market. Even though I am a new member that does not make me a pump and dump. Some of us are not full of money and we start by learning and playing with penny stocks not Worldcom. Yes I am a new member to this Board but I have spent the last 6 months reading and watching. If you are offended by my presence and comments I am sorry
  9. jmoo


    No prob Jim Bob! I would recommend paying for a demo futures or stock account like strategy runner instead of "investing" in penny stocks.

    That way you can learn without losing.

    You are guaranteed to lose with penny stocks. It's the opposite of FDIC insurance.