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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Ed4252, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Ed4252


    Does anyone know what a "junior trader" does? I was looking on CL for jobs and was curious about some jobs in NYC (not living there right now) and saw this:

    "Our desk has recently expanded and we are looking to add two (2) Junior Traders. Experienced traders are encouraged to apply, but will consider qualified inexperienced applicants as well; in the past, we have found that self-motivated, analytical, and emotionally disciplined individuals such as chess, bridge, poker, or videogame players, or those with a military, weightlifting, or athletic background make good traders.

    There are several individuals in our group who consistently make $100k-800k per year while being profitable 15-19 out of 20 trading days each month.

    Qualified candidates are encouraged to forward a resume."

    Is this job's salary just based on how well you do?

    Does anyone know of any firms that give you a base salary for trading?

    My dream job is a portfolio manager. But I guess I can start out as an entry level financial advisor/analyst. I'm not living in SF/Chicago/New York so finding a great job in the finance field is difficult. But I would be willing to relocate if offered a job.
  2. ggoyal


    a financial advisor does not trade. he is just a salesman with a lousy degree. it has not nothing to do day trading. the post on craigslist might be a job offer, but just might be a prop firm. i have been seeing the same post since last year.