Junior Tech IT role - trading firm - London

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  1. a trading firm in london is looking for a junior IT person..

    ideal candidate:
    degree in computer science, C#, SQL server, knoweldge of C++/VBA would be a bonus and interest in finance.. some experience is good, including any internships, max 2 yr experience.

    alternatively a economics/finance/other degrees with interest in finance - who can code.

    if you're interested pm me and I'll put you in touch.
  2. That sounds like a programmer role to me. I don't know many IT guys who know that many languages or use SQL on a daily basis.

  3. Hi, that many languages? yeah maybe for a junior - but if you know the sector there are plenty of guys out there who can (and required to) code using c++, c#, python, R, kdb+ as there preferred ones for various tools (e.g. excel add-ins, server side services/libraries/ databases, GUIs).. there are houses that specilaise in non-MS or MS technology but they usually know more than 2 languages.. and for SQL - everyone knows sql - even non-IT - but yeah it depends on the firm you're talking about. I know places where every trader/quant/risk person has a sql client.. I know one other place where the sales/client guys use sql everyday. Technology really helps your daily job - it doesn't mean only IT are allowed to use it.

    I'm not sure what the IT/programmer differentiation is about, but IT generally in finance firms is a programmer.. not talking infrastructure/desktop support type where they just install programms for u or parition hard drives etc.
  4. Gotcha. here IT means IT and programming means programming.

    IT means software & hardware as well as networking, security and connectivity.

    Knowing multiple languages usually means a programmer and trying to dumb the job down to a "Jr IT Role" usually means a firm is looking for cheap labor.
  5. +1

    Get them in on a low base.

    Talk up the "experience" to be gained.

    Hint at a fictional bonus.

    Get 'em to do nothing but boring datafeed work & debug back office vba.

    Welcome to "trading", IT tragedy style.
  6. Same here. Ask for an "IT role" and you get the guy who installs the OS (NOT admin), sets up the descs, handles all the networking cable stuff and POSSIBLY knows how to configure a router.

    Programming langauges? Well, you CAN expect PowerShell on Windows (batch programming for lower end admin stuff like setup). SQL? Sure - put in CD and ask for help ;)

    Programmer is programmer and totally different from IT support roles ;)
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    Yes, you are right. So if someone wants a senior IT admin, please feel free to pm me, but only looking for USA jobs.