Juneteen events

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  1. Unbelievable.
    I wonder what high-profile lawyer their families will hire to get them off the hook now that Johnnie Cochran's not around.
  2. "This crap kind of makes a fella want to cut eye holes out of a pillow case and grab a torch."

    Not me. I'm not out to save the world. No front row seat for me, I'll take a sky box. These incidents inspire me to work harder, earn more and get the hell out of dodge.
  3. "Unforgive". I don't see so well anymore, so I just have a short barrel pump w/double ought buck.
  4. I'm a life long resident of Milwaukee, the same crap happened last year...Speculation is running on not having it next year...I say stop it.
    Local talk radio had a few of the people in the vehicles that were attacked on the radio today, they of course were in fear for their lives...

    ...and now for the obligatory, "Just think if the roles were reversed..." '

    ole Katie Couric, Orca Wimpy and Nancy Graceless woulda been alllll over dis one.
  5. Exactly.
  6. maxpi


    I used to care about Blacks and their plight in the USA. Finally I woke up. They hate whites, they get violent a hell of a lot, they have a shitty attitude, and only one frigging political issue: Racism. Boring assholes in my book.. oh, and they seem to litter a lot.

    I mean, they did such a bang up job with Africa over the centuries, now to be mistreated in America.. unthinkable :eek:
  7. HEAR,HEAR...Every morning I'm at the Quick Trip gas station as the sun is coming up. And every morning that place is packed with hard working Amigos going to their various jobs. God bless them, any jackass who wants to send them back just because they risked their lives getting here needs to walk in their shoes. They play a major role in our economy. Plus they have great culture as a people, if you don't believe it, just listen to their music.

    I say dropship every one of those African criminal thugs back to their homeland., right in the middle of hungry lion country. And send the complainers too.
    Curvy Black Mamas with big racks and ghetto booties can stay here, thank you very much.

    Where the hell is George Wallace when we need him.

    Rennick out:mad:
  8. So the girl and the driver lived, and a right minded samaritan was murdered in front of a "crowd of onlookers".

    Sounds about right.
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