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    december gold chart....
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    GLD ETF.....
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  3. Exited all GLD and miner positions on housing numbers this am. Support is broken and GLD sellers will push spot price down. Miners falling faster than gold, so I'd guess it has farther to go. Looks like a dip to try to get to the $630's now, so I'm out till things change.

    Just my opinions, even though nobody here cares
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    I'm stopped out of June Gold too. Nothing like a swift kick in the balls first thing in the morning to give one a fresh perspective. :)
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  5. amazing to watch (and even trade ) against the "BOTS"

    tonight in Asian gold dealings

    made 60 cents in a second or two ~

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  6. does anyone use options on ZG or GC ?

    What's the conscensus, staying short for the season ? Or do we see a relief rally soon ? The decent new housing data may have been due to builders managing their inventories, this could have taken away from April's existing home sales .
    I'm interested in the options , can't get much info on them.
    Good Long Weekend
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