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  1. Realist


    Bot 4 GCM7s before the close today. Looking to offload around 720-750 before FND. This is how I roll...
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  2. what i hate about gold is that is goes up 3$ a pop and down 50$ a pop. i am angst ridden re my positions in metals. i think they are going to go up for sure eventually but there movement is so controlled to the upside... it has been a perfect storm for gold and silver:us dollar gets beat every day, iran, iraq, treasuries aint getting bought on world markets, inflarion is in da house, housing market is ripping open... oil is bullish.. why isnt gold at 1000$&*^%$##??????
  3. bunkinc


    Tell me about it.. this is the first time in many weeks that I have went flat over the weekend.

    I just don't like the way the gold feels. Thursday's 10 dollar drop while oil was spiking, and recently dollar getting whipped just doesn't add up.

    But now that I'm flat gold, This weekend especially, I feel naked...
  4. at this point i could not justify no exposure, but obviously the chart is a nervous one.
  5. dac8555


    i have actually been long and just switched to short...resistence at 670...and it seems to be moving with indices. less volume on the move up, mor volume on the moves down.

    I would traditionally agreewith you and i like you idea...i saw the same thing in silver. But i just dont see the money flow in.
  6. dhpar


    I did <i>almost</i> exactly the same thing today - after many weeks slightly reduced my long - based just on a strange feeling...
    of course it will shoot up on Monday :D
  7. im willing to take downside because my gold timeframe is approximately monthly.
  8. Realist


    expiration of april options..
    expiration of april futures..
    660 support demonstrated..
    end of quarter fund closure..
    seasonal demand from asia..
    much weaker us dollar..
    stronger energy prices..
    trade imbalances..
    bond yield inversion..
    global ETF physical demand..
    central bank sales slowing..
    production rapidly declining..
    highest monthly gold close ever..
    US protectionism..
    huge build-up in the gulf..
    bullish LT chart patterns..
    piss poor gold sentiment..
  9. dhpar


    buy yeah - that's exactly the problem... Why does not gold go higher now?!
  10. Realist


    Here's my fill...
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