June 18.. Last Day for Dell WinXP

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  1. June 18 is the final day to order a Dell with XP.

    You will still be able to order one with Vista Business + WinXP loaded under "Vista downgrade rights"... but it's an additional $149.

    Tarry not. :D

  2. Is it good or bad news, dunno! :( :confused: What will happen now? Many softwares run on WinXP, now to modify them?

    Is this a way to make more money, Microsoft? :mad: Already Vista is not up to mark, why should we buy or upgrade it and suffer? Also, many systems not able to run Vista!

    Some clever moves! Winxp not available for big systems, but for small systems, so LINUX not become popular. :eek:

    See below links for all above & more information:







    If you want to save WinXp, you can see here:


    Your opinions, please! Will this affect the trading softwares too? :(
  3. stop freaking out guys with sp1 vista is ok now.

    I'd like to point out that when XP was released in 2001 there was also a load of bugs and incompatibilities with it until sp1 came out.

    If you want to stick with XP for several years get a copy of XP64. with XP32 theres a 3.5GB ram limitation and in a few years you won't be happy to be maxed out and not be able to add more ram without having to change OS anyways. XP64 runs really well and runs 32 bits apps without issues.

    Also make sure if you upgrade your computer or get a new one that the XP driver exists for the hardware. For example HP does not provide the XP drivers for most of their vista-equipped laptops on sale now.
  4. You won't have to do anything with your present hardware... it will be supported until 2014 at least. New equipment, however, will have to deal with the issue.

    Anybody know... is WinXPx64 ending sales in June also?
  5. If you want XP preloaded (it can be a bitch to downgrade from Vista to XP on a Vista factory system), I highly suggest either getting XP by the deadline date, or, going with Vista Premium - with Vista Premium they should automatically ship XP 'downgrade' CDs, but make sure to ask.

    I bought a Vista pre-loaded system, almost smashed it into a million pieces because Vista is such a POS, and finally swapped to XP, which is a night and day improvement.

    And I have 4 GB of RAM and a Penryn Processor (Core 2 Duo T8300 2.4GHz 3MB L2 Cache 800 Mhz FSB).
  6. i really don't understand the beef with vista.
    Is it because it is a little different? i think so.
    remember xp was like this when it first came out why can't people see this.
    I have vista ultimate and I have absolutely no problems with it. I love the extra eye candy you get. makes it more modern. no reliability issues either. That is my personal experience.
    though if you have no reasons to upgrade and are happy with current xp then don't. you should be fine for a few years until your hardware technology gets totally outdated.
  7. It's no problem at all if you do a Low Level Format on the Vista hard drive before installing XP.
  8. And if you take the "as long as I've got a license I can substitute better adaptations of bills crap for vista" then go on Torrent and download TinyXP Rev09 (the sp3+recent fixes version released this week). It will run faster than any version you've ever used as well as having a nice tight memory footprint.

    If you've got all your latest drivers for your PC & hardware I'd recommend an option 2 install on a clean disk.

    Format Disk + TinyXP09 = a happy trader with a solid quick reliable system. :) :) :)
  9. I bought 4 more dell computers at my office with windows xp pre-loaded last week. If I have to go to vista it will cost me about 10 grand to upgrade my accounting software. I'm staying on xp as long as I possibly can.
  10. With Vista's successor out in 2010, why upgrade everything in mid to late 2008?

    windows vista = windows ME.

    my opinion.
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