Jun DAX volume at 4597

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  1. Volume at that one price is 16500 at the time of writing, totally dwarfing volume at all other prices today. Who does that much business at one price in one shot?
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    Why has the dax been so strong lately? Are they looking forward to a more business friendly CDU government in September?
  3. That was weird looks like someone had something to do
  4. 16,500 DAX cars is 1.9 Billion Euros in underlying value. That's *something* alright. Any guesses?
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    On 911 a 2000 lot bid stopped the fall, didn't trade. No one any views on Dax strength?
  6. The 16,500 I mentioned isn't a bid below the market, it's actual contracts traded at that single price today of which 15,043 traded between 09:59 and 10:00 German time. So this isn't some PPT bluffing, it's a real trader doing business, and not caring that he's highly visible.

    It didn't move the market so it will have been pre-negotiated business crossed on-exchange. I'm trying to get an idea who and why.

    Re: strength - no idea ;-)
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    Dax is rising on Euro weakness, exporters make larger profits.
  8. I am also wonder when I saw one long volume bar for more than 15000 contract, but mkt did not move.

    Secondly dax is too strong right now and making new highs every day comparing to ES. ES down too much after dax closed but when dax open it went down just few ticks. Like on June 10, ES made lower low intraday, but dax did not. It is happening every day now. Something fishy. I am still holding short dax from 4560 area I will cover if it go higher from 4604 but I think pull back is due for 60-100 points anyday.
  9. If all that volume was done at one price in that short a time, then it is a block-trade or cross trade (most likely a cross trade). Here is the definition of what that is:

    This is not extraordinary and an outright trade of that magnitude is highly unlikely in the FDAX. There is no liquidity for that kind of trade. A cross of that amount could be the result of a simple transfer of assets from one fund to another but must be done across the exchange (Eurex needz to getz paid).
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    futures - thx for posting - where is this quoted from - a few months back i searched eurex's site for this but did not find anything that has this much deail.. tia.
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