Jumpstart the economy? What a bunch of DILLHOLES!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gnome, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Bernanke and Schumer say, "stimulus is needed"... The DemoCraps have a plan to "jumpstart the economy". WHAT? Are they stupid?

    They all fail to recognize:
    (1) The US has been on a consumer rampage for the last 25 years... spending "all we have + all we can borrow".

    (2) Those willing to "live on credit at the expense of their home equity", have already done so.

    (3) There are many more of us who wouldn't refi our homes to buy an SUV or take an extravagant vacation regardless of interest rates or Gummint rhetoric.

    The US consumer is much like a burned-out ash. No amount of "gasoline on the fire" is going to generate a flame beyond burning the gasoline.

    I'm certain the Gummint and Fed will do the "hyper-inflationary money pump" and "reduce rates to 0%" in an effort to "stimulate us out of this stagnation", but at some point it will no longer work. We're all totally spent or damned nearly so.

    UP YOURS, "Jumpstart DemoCraps"!!
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    Clearly, its all the Democrats fault.

  3. Not entirely.... They are worse than the RepubliClowns, but only to the extent as to who should be "shot first"... it's the Gummint's general dishonesty.
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    And the hehe Republicans haha are the party hahaha OF hahahaha FISCAL hehehahaha RESPONSIBILITY!! bwahahahahahah!!! oh! oh! ahem. cough cough.
  5. They can't claim righteously claim THAT any longer, can they...

    Both are equally bad...

    The RepubliClowns want to "borrow and spend it all", and

    The DemoCraps want to "tax and spend it all".

    We Americans can't afford to have either party in power.
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    My heloc for 100K just approved!

    Boy howdy!
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    true dat.....plus my vacations are on the cheap.... :D

    resort.... backcountry anywhere any time
    meals... trail mix and more trail mix
    transportation.. me feet..
    entertainment...watching me fat cuban friends agonize in pain after the last switchback...only to see 100 more in front of them...:D
  8. No they don't.

    You just fail to recognize the logic behind their actions. It's hard to accept, very hard to accept, but you either face it or continue being tricked.
  9. Everyone is a whore to the media, including the Fed, which was supposed to be an independent body which could operate away from political pressures. But Bernanke is pandering to the public with his stupid substantive action comments and surprise rate cut/TAF auction BS.

    This economy needs a recession. There are too many idiots with way too much debt action irresponsibly. The only way you modify that kind of behavior is to take away the punch bowl.
  10. Gnome, you do not have any other choice, REP or DEM, there is no body else, if both are bad than third choice bring some dictator in, like Marsshal****w. i.e. instead of Bush bring the Mush (Musharraf) in. The forth and last choice you will not like the name but it is start from 'O'. Just to clear that he is not Obama.
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