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    Hello everyone,

    I have been involved with Forex trading for a couple of years already, learning on my own from forums, cherry-picking some techniques from here and there, tunning it all to fit my own style of trading, and of course hundreds upon hundreds of hours in front of the charts and trading with my demo account.

    Well, it seems that I have finally gotten what this is all about...

    For the last six months I have a positive track of records on my demo account. I dont mean hit or miss trades; I mean consistent track of records where I make money every month and in a conservative fashion. My figures during the last six months are as follows:

    - Average equity increase per month = +5.2%. Highest month was +7.4%, lowest month was +3.3%, but most of the months fall between +4% to +6%.
    - Wins vs. losses ratio = 68% of my trades are wins.
    - Drawdowns = very small as I trade with low average.
    - About two trades a week on average, exclusively intraday trades aiming for 30 to 50 pips per trade.

    I know many of you will say that figures on a demo account are meaningless, but be 100% positive that I take my demo trades VERY seriously because I dont trade my account to practice or to experiment anymore, I trade it to build a profitable and consistent track of records for a consecutive string of months, which I have finally achieved.

    My question is mainly directed to all of you who make a living off Forex trading and who might be "in the know" as of how to take the jump up from being an amateur into being a professional. My problem is that I just do not have the initial capital to make a living from it. I have the skills, and once again I have a consistent track of records to prove it, but I don't have the ammo to put it into practice.

    How does one proceed from here? do I show my demo account balance statement in hope to catch someone's interest and get funded? do I try to get a job in an investing firm?

    This is a serious post and I would greatly appreciate any kind of feedback you might be able to give me.

    Thank you very much :)
  2. Demo Accounts = worth nothing.

    Just start looking for forex prop. and start trading.