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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Hitman, Jul 2, 2001.

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    Read back to the bottom of page 7 of this post.
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  2. Traderx ,

    Another good one PDII, big $15-$20 swing up and down.
    A nice classic "V" shaped graph.
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  3. How 'bout this? Start a new thread and list a few of your trades in real time. If you have a window already open it should only take but a few seconds. Something like

    "Bought NVDA 76.00"

    would easily suffice. I would guess that if you found 100 traders who would define their strategy as "Get in on the trend at the beginning, get into the money, then ride that mother out until consitions indicate to exit", 99 of them would be either stupid and lucky, or liars. I am serious. Sit down with a trader with any experience and if you told them that was the extent of your TA they would assume you were joking.

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  4. trader58


    What the f%@# is going on, on this board. Is the puropose of this board to antogonize others and pat yourself on the back? Personally I come to this board to share ideas. To brag shows weakness of character. Personally I have never met a "successful" trader who is very boastful. But characters come in all shapes and sizes, and apparently we have a few characters on this board. Just my two cents. FIN

    PS: There is nothing positive about bragging...unless it is the only way to make you feel good about yourself.

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    Missed that one. Wished I hadn't. Millennium-Traders (the pay per view chat room) called the short perfectly, right from the get-go. They made 17 1/2 points on that one short alone. WHAT A HOME RUN! That in addition to several other 1+ calls. Nice day for them. I don't use their services anymore, but I still get their daily re-cap via email.



    I'll have to think about that one. If I'm going to make the calls public, I feel like I should be getting paid for it. LOL. Just kidding of course. It might be fun to do, but please believe me when I say I'm not trying to prove anything.

    PS Of course my TA is a little more elaborate than that which I posted.



    I was not boasting. Enuf said.


    "Man is by nature metaphysical and proud. He has gone so far as to think the the idealistic creations of his mind, which correspond to his feelings, also represent reality."
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    SEVEN calls by Millennium-Traders scored better than 1+ points (several 2+) Friday, in addition to that 17 1/2 point short!

    Now who was is that said it can't be done? HA!

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  7. trader58


    "Personally I have never met a "successful" trader who is very boastful. But characters come in all shapes and sizes, and apparently we have a few characters on this board. Just my two cents."

    TraderRx...If you read slowly you will see that I did not mention you. I did not accuse you of being boastful and I certainly did not accuse you of being successful.

    BUT you definitely are a character. 'nuff about you...lets get back to discussing relevant ideas.
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  8. I just replied to Babak's post, because I thought it was funny that he said that there are those who make much more than ..... and being that we traded the same stock, I thought it was hilarious.

    I got a net of 5.14 points out of it one day on 1000 shares, (two shorts one long). I short 500 shares after-hours at 38.95 after the earnings announcement and covered it at 34.85. The following morning, I went long 1000 at 34.81 and sold it at 37.13. I then short sold 1000 at 37.35 and covered at 32.68.

    All in all, I made $14,200 minus commissions. I hope this answers your question. If you look at a 2-day chart (including after-hours and pre-market) you should be able to figure out my entries.

    "Congrats on your victories, that's a tidy sum for two days work"

    FWIW, I also lose a lot of money many times. I trade a big account, so it is all relative. I have had six-figure days both up and down. What was important to me was that I felt that I traded the setups well. I placed my stops and hung in. Sometimes it works, and sometime it doesn't :)

    Okay, I like what Hitman has been doing, so I will stay off his thread.

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  9. This point is very interesting. There is a fine line between bragging and excitement/passion. When someone is excited about what they do and is very passionate about it, he may come a cross as someone who brags. I'm not defending tradeRX, but if you carefully read his first two posts on this thread (page 3), I see him speaking with passion and excitement. And yes, he did in a way suggest that his way of doing it was better:

    "I don't understand you guys that chase 20 cents with a gazillion shares. What's the point? I net 1-4 points a day on 100-500 shares playing NAS fast movers. I have to smile when I read of these huge 20 cent wins...:cool: "

    But I didn't feel he went overboard. He even had a smiley face at the end of his post. And $1990 is not a huge amount of money, so why did he deserve what was coming to him? The next page of the thread gets ugly.

    Page 4. Replies by Hitman, tymjr, and Dustin put him on the defensive. It all went down hill from there.

    So we are all responsible for it in a way (myself included). There is no sense to keep adding fuel to the fire.

    Although I completely disagree with Hitman's style and way of trading and who he trades with etc., I find his stories absolutely fascinating.

    I am watching the evolution of a trader real-time. Kinda reality TV :) I wish him the best, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear him five years from now contradicting 80% of what he is saying on this board. I've been guilty of this same crime myself. It is the evolution of a trader - nothing less nothing more.

    I know I am definately not the smartest person on this board or the best trader, although I may be the oldest, but that's my opinion.

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  10. tymjr


    I respectfully disagree with you, Sniper. I have no problem with someone speaking with passion and excitement, but there is a time and a place for everything. I personally felt the remarks were made at the wrong time and the wrong place. Getting run through in the market is bad enough without someone pouring salt on your wounds. If it was tradeRX’s intention to “just poke fun” at Hitman, as he later claimed, I don’t believe that was communicated well.

    As for the smiley face and the statement that it followed, I read that as a show of contempt and superiority within the context.
    Personally, I believe there is no place for that type of behavior. It only serves to dissuade members from posting for fear of placing themselves at risk of ridicule.

    As far as it going “downhill form there”, I think the discussion went downhill the moment the original post hit the boards. My response was definitely the most vitriolic. In all fairness, I may have completely misinterpreted tradeRX’s comments. In the past, I’ve enjoyed his input, so it’s possible that this is a misunderstanding. If that is the case, then he has my most sincere apologies for mistakenly assuming the worst. But if not, I don’t regret calling it as I saw it.
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