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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Hitman, Jul 2, 2001.

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    As this is a pretty active thread I hope you haven't overlooked my questions (back on pg. 5) regarding trend. I'm real interested in how you are so absolutely clear and sure about multi-point runs, willing to jump on and ride it out, ignoring reversals, counter-rallies, etc.

    And I hope you take macal425 up on his offer at least once, emailing him precise times in and out of a stock on a 2-4 pt run AS IT HAPPENS. I truly wish I could see and trade these multi-point runs as easily as you seem to, and anything you care to share with the members of this board would be most appreciated by all.
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    It’s dogmatism like this that gets you into hot water. Kinda reads like; agree with me or be labeled an “amateur” trader.
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    Hey, lighten up on Hitman....he's a "Pro"

    "Pro"=someone who trades with someone elses money 'cause he doesn't have any of his own.

    I'll think I'll remain an "amateur"... :cool:



    Don't misunderstand me, I never claim to be a soothsayer. I simply said I look to get in on the intraday trend(s) at the BEGINNING. Once in the money, I can now decide what to do with it. Sell after a predetermined profit? Hold for potentially more? Etc. This is nothing new or sophisticated.

    For instance, often NVDA can move FIVE points up/down on one of these trends. (I'm sure you and everyone on this board knows this). I earnestly attempt to identify the trend at the moment in its EARLY stages, jump on, then ride that baby out for all she's worth! Nothing more, nothing less. Often, you can make 4 points on a SEBL or 5 on a NVDA. And if things turn ugly, I take whatever profit is in the trade, go short, or wait for the next trend to setup.

    What, are you not making any money on these fast movers?? What's the problem?


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  4. Wet



    You ain't seen nothin' yet out of this guy. He exudes arrogance and lack of tact under the thinnest veneer of humility.

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  5. LOL, I was thinking the same thing. I took over 14K out of it myself over the last two days.

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    Any fool can look at a chart after the day is over and say, "it ran up 2 points, then reversed and tanked 6 points, then reversed and went up 5 points!"

    The question is, can you predict these moves with great accuracy? Of course NOT! That's why you're just talking trash, trying to get everyone all fired up.

    If you're so good, why not post some of your recent trades on this board. But don't just tell me how you stayed on for a 2-4 point gain.

    You need to mention exactly what the parameters were for your entry. Where your initial stop loss was, and also what your price target was.

    Give exact reasons for each entry/exit (your rules or parameters for each trading decision).

    Looking at the last 10 days of NVDA (intra-day), I don't see any identifiable trends. At least not any that would have been obvious on the day they occured.

    So, how about it? We all await your wisom with great anticipation.
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    Posted by TradeRX on 6/2/2001:

    "I'm relatively new to all this as you can tell from all my "what do you think about this chat room" type posts :)

    I need some help from the experienced and the wise:"


    It's funny how just a month and a half ago you were showing such great humility. And all of the sudden, you're the master, know it all trader who easily grabs 2-4 points/day from the market.

    I find that really amusing!
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  8. Traderx, 3:12pm and still waiting for my email from you. I thought you were going to make me rich.
    I've seen plenty of 2+ gains today, how could you have been so blind not to have noticed them. Just look back at the day's charts. They're everywhere.
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    Man the hostility can get high on this board at times. Why are you guys jumping on me with both feet?


    Congrats on your victories, that's a tidy sum for two days work. I have no doubts your expertise and experience dwarf mine. But I think you misunderstood my remarks to Hitman. I'm not bragging on my successes or attacking him. I think he's OK and I enjoy reading his thread. I was only razzing him a bit about some of his comments which seem rather condescending at times. Comments such as "I'm a pro", "a newbie-killer", and "i love it when the newbies hold the bag". To tell the truth, I don't even mind those remarks of his, I was just kidding around with him. Giving him some a little back, that's all. I am certainly not puffing my successes here. He posts his trade successes here, so what's the difference?

    May i ask how you garnered that impressive sum? Are you an intraday/daytrader or swing? Would you mind elaborating a bit on your style/methods?



    It is true I've given no extreme details on every trade, I wasn't posting for those reasons. Furthermore, I don't think I'm qualified to instruct you more experienced and knowledgeable traders that make up the majority here. And I never claimed to be a "wise" trader.

    If you read my past posts, i did outlined in general what I've been doing.

    ...Get in on the trend at the beginning, get into the money, then ride that mother out until consitions indicate to exit. Oh, I also find your statement that no clear trend in the NAS has emerged in the last ten days. On the contrary, ther have clear INTRADAY trends darn near EVERY SINGLE day!

    I'm sure you're looking at the same charts I am. I see clear definable trends occuring SEVERAL times a day! I simply take a position (or attempt) as early as possible and ride it up or down, usually exiting only when it turns. Sometimes this is in 20 min, sometimes half a day. It just depnends on the length of the trend.

    For instance today, PSFT produced FIVE STICKS! It was a beautiful short! Did you see it? FIVE STICKS!! All you had to do was get in the money quick, then breath easy as it racked up mega profits.

    Aren't you guys nailing these fast movers for at LEAST a point or two each day??? What am I missing here?
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    what are you talking about???

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