July-December 2008: The world plunges into the heart of the global systemic crisis

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  1. In a real bad systemic meltdown everything gets sold.
  2. the downfall of the US economy as a result from unsustainable war debt, gov't debt can bring down all it's trading partners down with it.

    war is the fastest and biggest destoyer of wealth...pray for peace.

    war is very expensive and has NO budget.

  3. in the 80's they had all these anti-war protest and anti-nuke protest

    now everybody wants to invade and nuke Iraq...is their something wrong with this,,,,and these assholes complain about high oil prices.....US dollar crashing...

  4. This is beginning to sound a lot like the Kitco forums.
  5. no but seriously i have looked up they're other reports that have spanned over a 2 year period and they predicted most if not all of everything which has happened so far.

    and just looking at this from a common sense perspective you can pretty much deduce this yourself.

    ~rebate checks are soon done
    ~food prices way up
    ~OIL at $140 affects so many things in a negative way
    ~credit markets are still messed up LEH just raised capital stock is down again today, they are still in trouble
    ~CEO pay is up???? why
    ~Fed has limited choices right now, either route they take impacts the economy in a negative way

    all these things point down... i think in line with the RBS prediciton of around 1150 on the SP500.
  6. I for one certainly do not need anymore convincing. I was convinced a while back...

    Now it just feels like a bad dream being played out before my eyes.