July Copper

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    Technical Sell Signal Today...
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  2. Watch it go up tommorow.

    I've lost more trading copper.... Otherwise here we should go to 3.20.
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    DJ MARKET TALK: China Copper Futures Face More Downside M/T

    0136 GMT [Dow Jones] Copper futures on Shanghai Futures Exchange sink in
    response to losses in LME 3-month contract overnight; market due for correction following sharp gains, analysts say, and "copper is likely to see more losses in the medium term as it has little support from fundamentals given the high
    prices now," says Yong'an Futures' Wu Jianjian. Tips domestic spot market to
    remain relatively weak throughout May. Benchmark July contract down CNY2,300,
    or 3.2%, at CNY68,810/ton; LME 3-month at $7,660/ton, +$1 vs PM kerb. (HWS)


    Seasonals for base and precious metals are entering a bearish period. Some type of important low in late-May or early June timeframe may occur...
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    Just look to FCX for clues regarding copper prices...
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    Bearish looking setup on Platinum now as well.

    The entire metals complex could be on the verge of a significant meltdown imo...
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  6. any comments on SEPT 07 copper ?

    thats some move in recent days higher
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    Hi Seth, I have only tried to game a few setups on Copper and most of them have failed on me so I don't mess around in the Copper pit anymore. From a charting standpoint, copper looks like its got no where to go but UP for the next few months...