July 3/5 ES/NQ

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  1. Can anyone make sense of this?


    July 3 - Regular close Equities and Indexes
    But probably quiet after Noon, right?

    July 5 - Equities and Indexes traded on GLOBEX during RTH close at 12:15 pm:
    E-mini Nasdaq-100
    Fortune E-50
    E-mini S&P Midcap 400
    E-mini Russell 2000
    S&P TOPIX 150

    Futures and Options
    E-mini S&P
  2. full trading day wed.... closed thur.... open fri. until 12:15 central.

  3. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    The 4th of July Holiday Trading Schedule is as follows:

    Wed, July3rd
    CME-noon CST close for Commodity, Interest Rate, and Currency Pits

    3:15 pm CST close for GLOBEX currency and interest rates

    normal close for GLOBEX equity indices, normal overnight session for GLOBEX

    CBOT-normal close for all CBOT A/C/E products

    No overnight session

    Thursday, July 4th
    CME-GLOBEX halts trading @ 10:30am CST – trading resumes at 5:30pm

    CBOT-CBOT A/C/E day session closed, normal overnight night CBOT A/C/E session

    Friday, July5th
    Normal trading session for all markets
  4. Aaron


    Thanks, MarkHyman. I didn't realize there was a normal Globex session tonight (the 3rd).