July 16th Trading Tournament: Trade virtual money win real prizes

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  1. Greg K.

    Greg K. Global Futures Exchange <br>& Trading Company


    1. Trade with virtual money and win REAL prizes
    2. The 1 day competition will determine the next trading guru
    3. See who makes it through the trading tournament series, and will compete for the trading trophy

    PREVIOUS WEEK TRADING COMPETITION (http://www.strategyxchange.com/Tournaments/T1/Results.asp):

    Last Thursday more than 150 traders competed for ego and thousands $ in cash.
    CaptKev and Warlord were neck and neck throughout the day. The talkbacks were hot, but CaptKev was cool. Taking home $1000. Winners interview to follow.

    Get into the action. Join the next tournament Thu July 16th 8:30AM-3:15PM CST.

    Its Free and Fun and, for the best traders Profitable!

    Free: sign up here (http://www.strategyxchange.com/Tournaments/T1/index.htm) to join the trading competition.

    Fun: the trading is fun, winning is even more fun! See the trading results live, trash talk other traders in our chat room.

    Profitable: benchmark your trading and win Kindle™ and $1000 in prizes. (http://www.strategyxchange.com/Tournaments/T1/Rules.htm)

    Join the Action!
  2. Greg K.

    Greg K. Global Futures Exchange <br>& Trading Company