Julian Robertson Live--Faith & Finance

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  1. For those who don't know Julian Robertson is considered one of the most succesful hedge fund managers of the 20th century....

    Julian Robertson and Tim Keller - a Dialogue in NYC at the School of Ethical Culture April 30th @ 6:30
    Julian Robertson of Tiger Management and Dr. Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church will spend an evening in dialogue about faith, the financial crisis, and finding hope. Q&A will follow.
    2 W. 64th St at Central Park West
    Price: $15 per person, $20 at the door
    Networking Reception: 6:30-7:00pm
    Dialogue and Q&A: 7:00-8:30pm
    Hors d'oeuvres will be served during the reception.
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    you have to pay to talk about god?
  3. http://www.tradingmarkets.com/.site/stocks/commentary/satinterview/12212004-41571.cfm

    Recently, Dave Goodboy interviewed Daniel Strachman, a hedge fund expert and the man who wrote the definitive book on Julian Robertson. In this interview you will learn the specific strategies that Julian Robertson used to grow Tiger Management into the largest hedge fund in the world in the late 90’s.

    Dan is managing director at Answers & Company Inc., a financial services consulting firm. Previously, he was director of marketing and product development at the Orbitex Financial Services Group Inc. He has covered the hedge fund industry as a freelance journalist, and he is the author of “Getting Started in Hedge Funds” and the just-released book “Essential Stock Picking Strategies.” Dan teaches a course on hedge funds at New York University’s School of Continuing Education.

    "If Tiger was an onion, and you peel back all the pieces of the onion, when you get to the core, the core is very simple. If you can prove that there’s a value in play and an opportunity to exploit it, then that’s what he will do."
    -- Daniel Strachman, author of Julian Robertson: A Tiger in the Land of Bulls and Bears

    DAVE: We are here today with Daniel Strachman, hedge fund expert and biographer of one of the 20th century’s financial icons, Julian Robertson. Dan, welcome.

    DAN: Thank you.

    DAVE: I’ll start the interview out by asking you how you got involved studying and writing about Julian Robertson.

    DAN: Well, the short answer is I called Julian’s office. No one had ever written a book on Julian, which I found surprising given the incredible importance of him and Tiger Management in the world of finance

    DAVE: I understand that Tiger was one of the original hedge funds and that Julian had a major role in popularizing and developing the hedge fund concept.

    DAN: Well, yes. The Tiger Fund started in 1980 and multiple funds sprung from Tiger: The Lion Fund, The Puma Fund, Jaguar Fund, Ocelot Fund, and a number of others that developed as the business grew. Julian returned from sabbatical in New Zealand and he and Thorpe McKenzie raised about $8.8 million to start Tiger.

    DAVE: Interesting, I know he went to New Zealand to write a book. Did it happen to be a book on finance by chance? Was it ever published?

    DAN: No, it isn’t about finance and it has not been completed yet. I don’t know for sure, but allegedly it’s about a Southerner who goes to New York and becomes successful on Wall Street. I think it’s an autobiography up to that point in Julian’s life.

    DAVE: Sabbatical? Where did Julian work before he started Tiger, what was his career path?

    DAN: Julian started his career at Kidder Peabody and Co in 1957. He started as a trainee and went through all the ranks on the sales side. Julian was very successful at doing two things: the first was building a business and second, he was good at understanding how other businesses and stocks operated. He could understand and find value, and was very, very successful working as a broker/salesperson selling ideas and creating ideas for individuals and institutions.

    "What he has been able to do is make decisions based on small nuggets of very important pieces of information and use them to his advantage."

    DAVE: Now that we have some background, let’s get into Julian’s investment philosophy, his style and how it came about. ........

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    Im sure it will be interesting, but I dont care how successful you are, your thoughts on faith and hope arent worth a cover charge.
  5. some people pay to attend the ozzfest, others enjoy more intellectual stimulation and some of us appreciate
    both :D :D :D
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    I would pay the cover to hear Robertson speak even if I am not that interested in his veiws on faith. The problem for me is I won't pay for the airfare so if a podcast or video of this gets posted on the web please post.

  7. will do.

    the guy was pretty reclusive as to the press, should be interesting......
  8. anyone else attending here?