JULIA DEMATO (american idol)

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  1. is she hot or what ?????????????????

    i vote HOT !!!!!!!! what u say mr. market ? lol

    ps. so is kimberly
  2. yea !! they could have put one of her better photos on idolonfox.com though
  3. Babak


    she looks constipated
  4. sheesh. just coz someone gets on tv doesn't make them that hot...

    i'll see 10 hotter women just driving through town... guaranteed..
  5. I gotta agree with the comments of Brother Babak and Brother daniel_m... she looks like she is trying to shit and not having much luck at it... and simply glimpsing out of my window every day, I see plenty of hot, sexy women who obviously had a good shit before leaving their homes...
  6. CARMEN (just turned 18, too) :eek:

    p.s. Kimberly is nice, but she does her eyebrows wrong and it bugs me.

    F. P.
  7. Julia will be voted off...and I say she's got a great future in porn.
  8. i say get your eyes checked right away. (and then get lay d) :-/
  9. I'm tossing out my picks for final 2:

    Ruben and Kimberly Locke

    Happy Trading:D
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