Juevos Bankeros

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  1. Now this guy has guts - nerves of steel. When the big boys were buying CDO's and other ugly mortgage debt, this guy was betting against them. For a year, he looked like a fool and his fund lost 15%. And, then, he started making huge dollars when the subprime crisis hit.

    He said that he was no genius and he couldn't imagine why noone else could see it. It's an interesting read about an impressive macro investor for anyone who is interested:

  2. inspiring to read about guys like this making a killing.
  3. You've gotta love the little speculator kick'n some big-assed quants.
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    I think you were trying to say "Huevos Banqueros....."
  5. Most guys on this board have a trade timeframe of 3 mins or less, so a score like that is not a possibilty. The article is just entertainment. It was possible, with longer timeframes, to partake in similar gains (without CDO's), if bot puts on XHB last 2 years!:)
  6. True. But this is a niche market: more macro/global stuff going on here. Most of the posters don't think exclusively in the smaller time frames.

    And, besides, this guy is just impressive: balls of steel you know...
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    The guy is smart and able to follow his own thinking from the clues he gets... he realized that nobody was at the tiller .... and the sails were going to lose the wind at some point...

    Paul Tudor Jones says he saw the overleveraged situation from portfolio insurance in 1987 before the crash, guys like that probably can't figure out how everybody else doesn't see what they do.