Judgement day and Atheist hypocracy.

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  1. So everyone has heard that judgment day is supposed to happen on Saturday. (I personally do not believe it, because the bible says no man, not even the angels in heaven know the day or the hour) so Harold Camping sure cant know the day if the bible is true because otherwise that would be a paradox.

    Atheists will also agree with me that on saturday nothing is going to happen, but here is where it gets interesting and their hypocracy shows.....

    We have all seen posts by Freethinker and his ilk condemning televangelists and preachers for scamming poor "unthinking" people out of their money. An atheist will be the first to tell you that these type of people are the SCUM OF THE EARTH and nobody is lower than them. And now with all this media hype about judgement day, they also want to scam believers out of their money. Like this site for instance that says they will take care of your pets after you are raptured for $135.


    or this site that will send e-mail messages to your loved ones that are left behind after you are raptured(for a fee of course)


    I've also seen many posts on here and elsewhere on the internet of atheists telling believers to send them all their cash and worldly possessions before Saturday and wire all their money to their bank account since they wont need it anymore.

    Basically the atheists are doing what they believe the televangelists are doing but times 100.

    So atheists...if you hate televangelists so much for what they do, why are you all doing the same thing, but on a much worse scale. You are as bad (worse even) than what you think they are. How does that feel to now know you are worse than the people you think are the worst people on earth.
  2. i agree. its not right to take advantage if stupid gullible people.

    in all honesty i think most of those sites were started just to make fun of bible thumpers.
  3. Will the religious people really who believe in this rapture go to the atheist website and pay them money for to protect their pets? :D
  4. The first site I linked says its not a joke and a real service.

    I have to say though, taking advantage of people you believe to be "stupid & gullible" is bad, but isnt making fun of the same people just as bad or for some reason to atheists think that its ok?

    I mean if atheists really believe that religious people are so stupid and they make fun of them, then do they also laugh at special needs kids too and make fun of them? Seems like atheists are really horrible people, doesnt it?
  5. I am an adult and I laugh at retards and fuckups all the time. It is a natural reaction.

    Watching mentally handicapped people is fascinating! They love to fuck, eat and shit. So basic.

    Laughing at them is one's way of dealing with how uncomfortable it is to realize that in the natural order of things; these genetic defects would be either euthanized or specifically sectioned off so they cannot continue to breed.

    Making fun of religious kooks is also a pleasurable activity. However, their ignorance (not stupidity) of what reality is like is not something that makes me uncomfortable.

    Endlessly entertaining; and yes, they should be mocked.

  6. i agree. :D .
  7. speaking of stupid and gullible i noticed your only objection with what camping is saying is the timing. of course that means you still believe the fairy tale that jesus will return and destroy the earth someday. if you dont want to be ridiculed dont say ridiculous things.

    "There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'" - Isaac Asimov
  8. Its not a natural reaction. Its the reaction of someone without empathy for those less fortunate. Do you laugh at children in the street that have no food too? When a woman is raped do you laugh and get excited? I bet you do.

    Most people that laugh at those with developmental disabilities are those that are at the bottom of societies totem pole. They laugh and enjoy themselves because they finally found 1 person in the world that they are smarter than, so that makes them happy.

    Its like a runner who always comes in last place for 100 races, then one day he comes in 2nd to last place. The runner does not focus on how he was second to last place, but laughs at how much "better" he is than the guy he beat. Thats you.