Judge overturns Calif. gay marriage ban

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  1. Why bother to vote?
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    A gay judge makes decision on a referendum passed by a majority that overturns gay marriage ban - what are the odds!
  3. the right to vote does not give you the ability to vote into law something that is unconstitutional.
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    There is nothing unconstitutional about it.... Just wait to this is completely litigated.

    Two men having no more constitutional right to be married than 4 women and a man. Or 4 men and a women.
  5. I now have two judges who need impeaching.

    Our country has become a slave colony, and the overseers are federal judges.
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  7. What to do have against Gay Judges?

  8. I go on vacation for 1 month and this is what I have to come back and see. Homosexual judges pushing their morals on the democratic voting citizens of this country.
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    It is all very simple.

    I recently made sure that only one person had access to the JEM account. So the work computer no longer has access to the jem account. I was at my office this afternoon and had RJ post for me.
  10. What happened to the old days of like it or lump it.


    "majority" how quaint.
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