Judge in George Zimmerman case offers to recuse herself

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  1. Judge in George Zimmerman case offers to recuse herself
    By Liz Goodwin | The Lookout – 32 mins ago

    A Florida judge Friday offered to recuse herself from the George Zimmerman case in a surprise hearing because of her husband's ties to a CNN legal analyst and commentator.

    The Orlando Sentinel reports that Judge Jessica Recksiedler disclosed that her husband works for Mark NeJame, a prominent Orlando attorney, in the five-minute hearing Friday afternoon. In addition to working for his law firm, NeJame sounds off on the Zimmerman case for CNN. It's unclear if either attorney will take Recksideler up on her offer and ask her to step aside.

    NeJame said on CNN today that Recksideler wants to avoid "the appearance of impropriety" with this disclosure.

    Zimmerman has spent two nights in jail on charges of second degree manslaughter, and will ask for bond in a hearing on April 20. He's charged with second degree manslaughter in the February 26 shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman says he shot him in self defense.

  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Remember when the media was telling us Zimmerman was 250 pounds, and he had 100 pounds on Trayvon???

    Look at this picture of him in court, the guy cant be more than 175 pounds soaking wet, if he is only 5'8, its mind boggling when you see these photos, just how big of a lie the media was willing to push on this one. Trayvon probably actually outweighed him.....

  3. Lucrum


    The media is still showing pictures of a very young Trayvon.
  4. whats he playing with himself in that pic? what are they staring at? :p
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    LOL, just noticed that when you pointed it out, funny....
  6. pspr


    This is the latest pic and the one they should be using.

    <img src="http://the-american-journal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Travon-Martin-Gold-Teeth-Copy.jpg">
  7. its true, the guy looks like a real pansie.
    playing with himself and everything.
  8. Crispy


    That a gold grill in his mouth or is the photo just blurry?
  9. pspr


    Well, he had the gold. Not sure if his mamma pulled those teeth out before they buried him since she was filing for trademarks so she could exclusively sell CD's and coffee mugs.
  10. Now, joker and indie, check out this thread.

    It would appall most civilized human beings, but if you are going to stay here you must think Mad Max.

    The Neo-Nazi's here are very good at veiled language, just enuf to not get axed.

    It is a fun game if you understand that it is, in fact, a game.
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