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    Does anybody here thinks this guy holds the interests of the United States of America SUPREME ? He should be kicked out of BOTH parties

    LIEberman(I-Tel Aviv)
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    Agree 100%. Lieberman would nuke the USA himself if he thought it would help Israel. When will Americans wake up to Zionists? :(

  3. Never
  4. Or maybe he would be willing to support another party because the party he is in won't do shit for Israel until it's too late.
  5. How dare someone endorse a moderate Senator they've worked two decades with instead of some opaque guy who was in the Illinois Senate three years ago.

    Those who vote Democrat are only LYING TO THEMSELVES if they don't think/know/realize that much of the Dem old guard in the Senate is as neo-con as the Bush White House. Get a friggin' clue. Guys like John Kerry were lobbying Bill Clinton to remove Saddam.

    I give the Democrats continued kudos for disingenuously separating themselves from their own policy. From Vietnam through Iraq their mantra has been vote for war campaign for peace.....
  6. I think he wants to get back on the Democrats' good side. Note the Hillary hairdo.
  7. Liberman is doing what all politicians should do, back up what he believes. If more did this then our country wouldn't be in this condition today. He wasn't totally honest with us though, he didn't voice his true opinion on Sarah Palin, so he fails in that respect. And on losing his chairmanship, that's politics, I'm sure he saw it coming and he knew the consequences before backing McCAin. Basically this is a non issue and it's hard to imagine the republicans handling this any more civil than the democrats.
  8. Evidence ?
  9. You're kidding me, right? Don't tell me YOU TOO are some historically ignorant 20 something.

    Do a search. I've posted mounds of links on this subject. It's not like this was clandestine stuff.
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