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  1. monee


    Boy, placing a stop quickly on the J trader is sure difficult.
    When things are slow moving and your not looking for a quick scalp the trade ticket is fine.
    It would be great if the F1-F8 keys could be setup in 1/4 point increments.
    Jtrader could look at your entry price and f1 could be a stop 1/4 point under entry,f2 1/2 point under entry and so on up to the f8 key.

    The limit price you could make a constant x amount of points below your stop price.

    I'm sure someone has already thought of this.

    Well... just some rambling today.
  2. using stops with jtrader is darn near impossible. You would be better off using a 3rd party entry system. Ib is cleaning up their act with stops. If stops are important to you, spend some time on the tws demo.
    I haven't used jtrader in a while, there are some comments on this site somewhere about j trader and hot keys.
    I fyou are cutting it close, you might have a nervous breakdown trying to enter a stop on jtrader. It is not designed for that kind of trading.