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  1. You can access J-trainer through Global Futures. You have to sign up with them and they will 'encourage' you to open an account with them... They offer a two-week free trial of the system, and it works very well--just like the real thing.

    What's my gripe? You can't use it for any more than the two weeks!! I have my account with them, and they have made some good $$$ on my commissions, but still I can't use the trainer for more than the first 2-week trial. They said something about RCG limiting the number of people who are allowed on the J-Trainer server so everyone is limited to 2 weeks.

    I'd love to find some outfit that would allow me to use J-Trainer for a monthly fee, but haven't found anyone. ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN?

    Also, I am aware of FFast's trainer program. They have two simulators. One is web-based, costs around $90 a month, and as slow as a seven-year itch. Then they have their regular super-speed platform for a modest $500 a month! (simulator!!!)

    Right now I'm using PFG's simulator ($30 a month). It gets the job done. However the data coming through it is slow (compared to J-Trainer), execution is slow, orders get lost and so forth. But Hey! It's just a simulator.

    So, if anyone knows where one can subscribe to J-Trainer for $30-50 a month, please let us all know!


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    may as well throw out there that trading technologies has a trainer as well- I was using it thru Man group, but I think you can contact TT directly and they replay live data over the internet for the minis so you can practice trade
    the trainer I used was only 2 seconds behind the live market- impressive

    good luck
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