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  1. Slapshot,

    My last post should have been directed to BCE, but I inadvertantly typed Slapshot. I've got Hockey on my mind after the Hawks loss on Friday. Sorry about that!

    I was going to PM you to thank you for the ideas, but I'll do it here. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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  2. BCE


    Hi, riskless
    Like I said, my remarks weren't personal. I didn't know that it was cool with ET to use a link to your site in your signature line or I wouldn't have brought it up. Like I said I PM'd Baron in regard to all this but he never got back to me. And it is something I'm interested in. I'm sure all the vendors feel, as you say, they intend "to offer the best possible service for the best price possible" and as you say feel they're just being helpful in talking about their product or services. But perhaps many people that send spam email or junk snail mail feel this way too. The problem is, from my perspective, that it needs to be done in the right place and the body of posts in the threads seems to me to not be the right place. Just my opinion. Think about it yourself. What if every vendor posted several posts in each thread relating to their business and how great it is and can help traders and save them money and it's better than their competitors for this reason and that reason, etc., etc., etc. I wouldn't want to see that. Would you? That's one thing that makes ET different and better. Anyway, I've had my say and it's up to others to express their views too. This isn't my website but I do actively participate and try to be helpful when I can and have certainly been helped in return. And I'd like to see the quality of the site maintained.
    You have a good day off on Monday too.
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  3. Bsulli


    I dropped you a PM, but with the way ET works it time me out while I was writing itand had to log back in(Grrrr...). If you didn't receive it you can PM back.

    Have a great day!
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  4. Bsulli,

    I did not get the PM!

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  5. Bsulli


    Sent another PM will catch up with you tomorrow. Enjoy your day off.

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  6. daxman


    TT is always seems to be on the cutting edge for electronic access to CME. I have traded them for other markets like Eurex, but have friends who say the big emini groups use TT.
    They play up their relationship with CME since they are chicago based firm and it seems like the volume that goes thru them makes them more attentive to their customers in both speed and stability

    I can certainly tell you that for Eurex and CBOT I would rank TT top in speed of execution- and I have tried them all in the past

    give them a look at www.tradingtechnologies.com

    good luck on those wild minis
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  7. artguy

    artguy Guest

    I've heard TT is very fast, I've also heard www.rtsgroup.net/ is fast as well. Might be better known by options traders.

    Can anyone comment?
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  8. Art guy,

    TT is very fast. RTS is the best Options System that I have seen or used. It is very functional, but I would not say that it is as fast as TT or FFastFill for futures only execution. A former workmate of mine just started working at RTS today. Email him for more info: Jon jhu@rtsgroup.net

    Alot of my buddies use RTS for Option Market Making in London and if I was ever going to buy an Options System off the shelf, RTS would be the one!


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  9. jester

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    ...I don't know if this has been mentioned but J-Trader has a great training program called J-Trainer that is a real-time training program and has been helping me immensly to 1) learn the program and 2) practice methdologies and new strategies also.

    I have been using it for over 3 weeks and have been very impressed with it, especially the dome it's great way to get in oand out very quickly.

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  10. How do I access J-Trainer?


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