JTRADER : where to get the last version?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am using JTRADER and would like to use another
    version, unfortunately my broker can't give me a higher
    version than this one but I know other brokers use higher

    Where can I get the latest ?

    I am interesting in OCO orders with limit on one side and
    stop on the other but my version only support limit limit.
  2. Globex will not accept OCO orders. Whether JTrader has the functionality or not, Globex doesn't.
  3. * orders are orders that stay on your PC...

    I meant a * OCO
  4. Who would really like to use such ´*´ orders ?

    They remain locally on your PC

    - and they are gone if you get disconnected for 1 or 2 seconds.
  5. Some people think others can "see" their orders if they send them to the brokerage firm or to Globex, so they want to hold the orders on their computer.

    -Not true at all.

  6. I wonder how can these ´*´orders remain active when you PC disconnects or crashes ?
  7. they won't, therefore do not place orders with *

    also, we recommend you do not place regular stops either because those are held on the brokerage firm's server, so if they have have problems the order will not go through

    we recommend stop limits because they can be held at Globex, taking it off yor computer and our servers (leaving less possibility for a problem)

  8. stevet


    could craig ross clear up a query

    if i enter a market order, my understanding is that the market order will be fiilled in front of any limit order in place at the same time - but now someone has said that a market order is converted to a limit order

    i have left this point a little vague so yu can fill in with the right terminology
  9. Globex, A/C/E, Access - DO NOT accept market orders, the only orders they accept are limit orders. If you place a market order it must be converted by your firm into a limit order before they can send it to Globex. Most firms will convert it into a limit order "much better" than the current price. For example if you enter an order to buy at the market and the current market price is 1125.00, your firm's (or their system) will send an order to buy at 1130.00 on a Limit. Since this whole process should take less than a second, and assuming the market doesn't do anything crazy, you will get filled at the best offer. That offer should be right around the last trade of 1125.00. Stops are done the same way. Hope this clears it up, but it will probablty only confuse the matter.

    What you were talking about refers to pit traded markets.

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