Jtrader 'Reflector' release: forced to 'upgrade'?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Bernard111, May 13, 2005.

  1. After Pats lost vs. TT, the Pats customers base have to 'upgrade' to the Jtrader 'Reflector' version.

    I don't like the new 'Reflector'.

    Anyone know what could happen if the customer does not upgrade his client, so still using the old DOME given he is using the 'standalone' version, already with the S-TAS implementation and the JavaSun 1.4.x?

  2. Truff


    switch to CQG. very simialr to j trader, much better data feed, and usually cheaper to use.
  3. Last time I saw CQGTrader did not offer the last trade volume on the 'DOME' but only the bid/ask volume. So I never saw the size on the last trade from the depth of the mkt.
    Cheaper? Please PM about CQG and how to pay less then Jtrader. Thanks! :p
  4. Just a detail: my original question concerns with the 'possibility' to use the 5.2.6 version (so it's already a 'SP5' upgrade, not a 2.8.3SP4) instead of the new release 5.2.7 that Pats brokers are offering as 'Reflector 'upgrade.
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    I have been able to continue to use the DOME version on the standalone, but I've noticed that I am not able to pull up any new DOME's. When these contracts expire, so does DOME.
    Give the new version some time; I have gotten more comfortable as I've used it more.
    It seems to me that CQG front-end is not quite ready. No last trade ect. However, CQG front end, coupled with the charting package can come close to cost of J-Trader+charting package.
  6. I do not fully follow you: in my Hot Quotes I see the contracts I need until the Jun06 expiration. So could I prepare those contracts with DOMEs before the broker upgrade to the Reflector? :cool:
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    I have lost the DOME button in the Hot Quotes screen on the old version of the standalone, and therefore, am unable to pull up another DOME. This may be because the new version has been downloaded to my computer.
  8. If the new version has been downloaded in your PC, it seems you are using the web-based release, not the standalone.
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    Not true, Bernard-
    The standalone version needs the SP5 download as well.
    Good Luck
  10. Yes, SP5 standalone, but then what really happens when the broker upgrade the SARA to the Reflector version is that the DOME button on the Jtrader 5 (not Reflector) is being disabled/greyed?
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