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    If you think a mouse-based program is faster than IB's software then you haven't tried the hotkeys.

    Setup the hotkeys, practice them for a few days, and quit mousin around!

    There are apparently other issues with IB lately, but the software interface's speed shouldn't be one of them.

    I wish I could find another broker with software that is useable without constant flailing with the mouse.

    The mouse is a handy device, but when speed is important and the number of different functions is small the keyboard is a much better interface.

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  2. I agree with rfoulk. Trading with the hotkeys{keyboard} is the ONLY way to trade. Go to the demo mode and get the feel of it.
    I was going to switch brokers till I discovered this neat feature. I am only sharing this advice on elite trader only because you guys have taught me more than any other website in existence!!!!
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  3. Are these people saying that orders will execute faster if they are sent with the keyboard instead of with the mouse? No wonder they are using IB.
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    com'on buzzy.
    Hotkeys are faster than mouse clicks. I use them with IB and you can do it with JTrader too.

    This is not to say I am happy with IB and their API/SDK issue. As a matter of fact I see more and more IB users moving to JTrader for this reason. I tried JTrader a bit, and I think IB interface is better (funny enough since I remember the bashing regarding this interface a few months ago on EliteTrader).
    But API wise the upper hand is clearly with Patsystems.

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