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  1. I would like to start a thread, like there is one for IB TWS, on JTRADER features I would like to see in future version (I use version with my broker)...

    Here is my top priority list :
    - Alerts WITH SOUNDS! (Not only visual messages)

    - OCO order with Stop on one side and limit on the other side,

    - Trailing stop with the increment that you can setup and that will follow either the ask, the bid, or the last

    - ATR calculation : we have the high, the low, the opening, and closing so why not put a ATR in addition on the hot quotes screen,

  2. j0m0


    Don't know if anyone from Patsystems will be monitoring this
    thread or not, but it's a starting point none the less!

    I am not familiar with v2.8.0.3D or all of the different broker versions, but you can set alerts with sound in v2.8.0.0 D and
    v2.8.0.6 D

    Click on settings, then choose the trading tab. At the bottom go
    to "sounds" and make your selection from the .wav files that reside on your computer.

    When you click on the blank line, your cursor should appear along with a little box at the far right hand side of the line.

    Click on this little box to find and choose your sounds. Here are a few, if you have none;


  3. Indeed I wanted to say wav alerts on price... I know you can
    have wav alerts on fill/errors/fat fingers but if I want to be alerted
    on a price level (say send me a wav alert when ES hits 1160 I can't as it is only a message without any sound that is displayed
  4. Is there a way to get the last JTRADER each time a new release is sent ???

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    - My broker sends an e-mail when its time to upgrade.

    Something I'd really like is time of execution displayed on the status page. Its a pain to have to "detail" every single trade to view this.

    Also the ability to resize the buy/sell trade ticket would be useful - it takes so much screen space.