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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GeorgeSoros, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. Can you give us the email of the contact for application validation at Patsystems ?

    Also why don't you create a yahoogroup like TWS API but for JTRADER so that you can answer to questions from users developping applications and share some code ?

    TWS API was a clear success and a lot of nice tools were created thanks to it (Bracket Trader, AutoQtion and so on)
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  2. hans130


    i am thinking of writing to their API. How ofter does it change?

    Can you setup a server and and multiple applications link to that server and do exectutions?
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  3. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    Advanced Futures offers access to the API.

    We have someone in our office who understands the entire process. We are working with traders at the present time.
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  4. MikeDip


    The best contact at PATS for any kind of support including conformance testing is jezza.sutton@patsystems.com

    There already is a JTrader yahoo group which gets about one post a month. I don't think the user base for the API is there to justify another group and its unlilkely to grow very rapidly while PATS persist with their insistence of all users signing an NDA (which is not that easy to obtain) and that all apps pass their conformance testing. I may put up a BB on my website if the user base for the wrapper control increases to handle support and code examples.

    Hans, the API changes about once every 6 months or so and so far all changes have been backward compatible. You can use the API in a 'gateway' application as its called to handle multiple users on one server connection. But you can only have one session with the PATS price and execution server per logon id.
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  5. Pats


    Pats charges $1000 for the API then a transaction rate to the FCM. They will continue to ask for an NDA for anyone who wants the API because of all the calls they are getting is a drain on their resources. You can get their API no matter which one of their FCM's you use to clear your trades. Most of the FCM's will probably tell you to call Pats directly.

    Also, don't call Jezza Sutton, call either Mark Bohanan or Pat Kenny and they will send you out the necessary info.
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  6. cstangor


    Is anyone making any progress developing PATS API links?

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  7. cmaxb


    Works great for me. Only developed against it to access lower margins than IB.
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  8. cstangor


    Well, I really wanted to connect to the PATS API from vb.net. So I tried with the patswrapper VB wrapper.


    But there does not seem to be any support at the patswrapper site.

    I cannot log into my test account at Patsystems, and neither their support nor I can figure out why.

    Anyone else trying to get vb.net to work with PATS API?

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  9. I need your help desperately , I want to use PAT’s API in my project, which will work like trade station. I download all the documentation and tried to work on API, but I couldn’t able to connect to DEMO PAT”S server.

    Could you please tell me the solution to work with demp PAT’s API.

    Is it really working, do J-Trader come in place of PAT’s API.
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  10. Tradecision from 4.0 will support Pats
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