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  1. FYI: there is a new OCX to access easily JTRADER servers like with IB... Here is some extracts of the doc...

    The J-Trader interface is one of the most popular execution trading interfaces for futures traders. It is developed by PATS Systems Ltd. ,a UK based company. J-Trader is a Java application working in an internet browser. Programmer/traders who want to develop their own manual or automatic execution interface are provided with an API that implements functions for retrieving prices and sending orders to central servers. This API has been written to work with C, C++ or Pascal applications. It will not work with Visual Basic because it is implemented as a multi-threaded DLL which does not fit well in Visual Basic’s single threaded model.

    To overcome these problems an ActiveX control has been developed in Visual C++ to ‘wrap’ the original API and provide an interface and threading model that fits within Visual Basic and any other development environment which can import ActiveX controls.

    This paper provides the documentation and gives details of all the property, methods and events supported by the control. It is assumed the reader understands ActiveX controls and how they are used in an object orientated programming environment. This document also concentrates on using the control within Visual Basic but most of the details are relevant to other languages.

    As well as providing a ‘wrapper’ for the API the control somewhat simplifies the interface and only implements the functions required to implement a general purpose client interface. If you require more detail and complexity in the interface to the servers then you will need to revert to using the PATS API directly. It is hoped this will be very unlikely. You do not need to have read or understand the PATS API documentation to use this control.

    This control DOES NOT replace the PATS API DLL. You will still need to register with PATS Systems and sign their non disclosure agreement (NDA) to obtain the basic PATS API which is provided in two files, Demoapi.dll for demo and test applications and Patsapi.dll for fully operational applications. These files are not provided with this control. To obtain the NDA contact Pats Systems directly at pats@patsytems.com or contact your broker if you are already using J-Trader.

    The control has been used to develop a full client interface in Visual Basic that has passed PATS conformance testing and has received a licence to use on PATS servers.

    Any feedback of problems or suggestions should be directed to patsapi@adiplock.freeserve.co.uk.
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    Yes, I've had this control for 8 months now but I haven't got around to working with it. If I ever make a PATS(J-Trader) interface I'll post it here.
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    The new Visual Basic.NET is multi-Threaded .....
    Hope they adjust this as soon as possible so I can start using it with VB.NET

    I've requested some info a while agoo and I was told there was a $1100 fee for access to their API. Has this changed ?

    Can anyone who trades using J-Trader use this API ?

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    Just to get it back on the main page...
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    I am the author of this control so if any body has any questions or problems with it they can post them here.

    As to cost of using the API I believe PATS actually charges each broker with clients using the API about $3000 per month. The broker then 'distributes' this charge across his clients. Most of the larger J-Trader brokers just soak this charge up into the normal commission rates and some pass it on as a 10c/rt excess charge. If you are being asked $1100/month then you may want to shop around to find someone offering it for free but of course you may then find higher commission charges.

    Anyone using J-Trader can use the API after signing the NDA with PATS Systems.
  6. Can you give us a list of brokers offering API access ?

    I tried with Refco, RCG : they didn't know anything about it...
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    I haven't done an exhaustive study of brokers offering the API and I suspect most of the problem is finding the right person in the organisation who understands what you are talking about. RefCo certainly offers access as I have users of the control connected to RefCo. E-local provide access to the API and seem to be well aware of its existence. I know another user has a GNI connection.

    Any J-Trader broker can provide access as the API is actually used by the J-Trader app. However, access is actually 'enabled' by PATS so it may be quicker to talk to Pats first and get the API from them. Then they can talk to your broker when you actually want to connect to live servers.
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    How about the Visual Basic.NET SDK (multi threaded) ?

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    I'm not sure what advantage a VB.NET version of the control would provide. It would be slightly quicker (by about 10ms) as there would be no inter-thread communications.

    I'm not a VB.NET user myself but you should be able to import the current control into VB.NET use the TLBIMP.exe tool to import the type library that ships with the wrapper. Here's a link with info on importing current 'COM' technology into .NET environment http://www.codeproject.com/dotnet/cominterop.asp.
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    Pats will test your app for conformance. If it passes you recieve a "confirmation" number and you also have a ID for your app. You then tell your Clearing firm(FCM) these two numbers and they then can enable your app to run on there Pats servers.
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