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  1. What a joke.

    I'm entering a short position on this POS.

    Wish me luck. Will I need it?

    I'm starting a soda company shortly thereafter. I will have flavors such as liver and onions, brussel cream sprout, and moldy gym socks.

    And yes, I will use real sugar. And the use of cane sugar will make my soda the bestest soda evah!!!
  2. I tried shorting this the other day on the uptick and still wasn't able to do so. This baby has to go back to the teens in a month or so.
  3. If you can get Wal-Mart to carry your soda, and don't have to spend most of your revenue on media advertising, you can make a lot of money, too.

    Was Jones the one that had turkey soda around Thanksgiving a couple years ago?
  4. POS ? I made 30% on this baby in 3 days. Play it right, and it'll earn u big bux
  5. ::BUMP::

    So do we think this baby is heading back down to the depths from whence it came OR are we just pulling back ?

    Support at 22/23 and we're almost there...would also coincide with an oversold signal.

    My gut is telling me we see 20 and then retrace back to 26 before heading off into the void...

    Thoughts ?
  6. I'd really like to know why this is a POS? Is it because Cramer likes it? That seems to be why most companies are POS on this site.

    Did anyone fail to notice how many national stores will be carrying this, up from just Target? I guess not? :confused:

    Sure it's up a lot, and should probably go down. But why is it a POS?
  7. Good short, but consider covering soon as JSDA is going to rebound

    the earnings are still strong and this is just a correction

    if they have a really bad quarter then consider shorting

    otherwise the momentum will resume later
  8. The resistance is at the current price of 24 and change.

    If it bounces, it will then go on to form the right shoulder. Then it will most likely break through the support and its 8 points down.

    If it breaks the support right now, its still about 8 points down.

    I say it will bounce from the current point to form the right shoulder and then spiral down from there to about 15 dollars to fill the gap within 3-6 months time.
  9. Id also like to point out that Jones is basically a fadish type drink. There is an old saying, short fashion, fads and fraud.

    I feel there is more up-room in Hansens at this point, its going to 76 dollars within 1-2 years.

    Hansens is like our oil chart. It pulled a macro measured move.

    JSDA is in a mania and is riding up as a proxy of HANS. Its move was not legitimate.