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  1. Anyone looking at the price action on JSDA? Im not sure what keeps it going higher. Cramer, the bullish earnings call? Some months ago it was under 10 dollars. I read an analyst statement where they were surprised it kept going up after the conference call. He literally blamed the price action on Cramer.
  2. Michael I have the whole Jones Soda saga.
    And it's a lesson in REVERSE PETER LYNCH

    stk came onto my screens at $11. At $12 Stoney goes out and buys some. At $13 I decide I hate energy drink manufactures I hate Red Bull and the others, This Jones Soda tastes like crap- no big deal. Stock continues to go up. At $14 a great mind who I will not mention but who's first name is " Dr " tells me over and over why the stock is a short. The rest as they say is history.

    I made the same mistake with Radio Shack. Decided it was a piece of crap franchise with tons of empty stores. Stk had doubled.

    Just let the charts talk stoney. Just let the charts talk....
  3. Theres been a lot of institutional buying. That and Jones Soda will be selling their cans in a lot of major retailers such as Wal-Mart, all Kroger stores, Safeway, a lot of Albertsons stores, etc. They also have an agreement with national beverage to produce some 35 million cans (somewhere in that area). So I think the reason this stock keeps going up is because a lot of people think it will be the next big thing. Especially if they can get their brand into major grocery chains, which will hopefully bring more analyst coverage as well.

    If you have ever listened to any of their conference calls, the CEO is very ambitious and has set some pretty clear goals for the company. He's also very excited about his business, which is a huge plus.
  4. I did buy a bottle of the soda at a Starbucks once. Well, I will have to agree with Stoney, it wasnt memorable and I wouldnt buy a bottle of the stuff again.

    Hansens energy is actually very good. Coke and Pepsi seem good to me. Jones Soda is not that good. Frankly, some of the flavors are disgusting.

    As for the "institutional buying", that appears to have been done sometime back in 2006. I can see it on the chart where they were establishing their positions. As we near the summer, then the institutions will distribute. These soda plays are good about 3-6 months before the summer. Then when summer hits, thats when the weakness comes in the soda pop plays. Then we will go through the cycle again come the fall.
  5. Oh I forgot. I dont understand Radio Shack either. I cant remember the last time I was in a Radio Shack. Maybe 10 or so years ago and all the stuff was outdated and expensive back then. Why would anyone want to go to a Radio Shack when you have Target, Walmart, Circuit City and Best Buy? I dont even understand why they have any revenue at all. When was the last time one of your buddies admitted that they went to Radio Shack?

    Then when you walk into one of these things they are selling bullhorns. Who goes around with a big bullhorn? They are totally out of touch with what the public really needs.

    Why is Radio Shack trading in the 20s at a P/E of 50+? I will have to say its manipulation. This is a store that I simply do not understand and will never understand.

    In my mind, Radio Shack is a sell sell sell, but somehow its being propped up.
  6. I agree, a lot of the Jones Soda flavors suck.

    But what you have to remember is the market they are targeting. I remember a few years ago I saw a ton of kids (high school aged) drinking that stuff everyday. Some of my friends hung out at a local online gaming store and they always had a small fridge packed full of Jones. Every night when my friend closed he had to fill it back up because they would sell out.

    The reason I said inst. buying was up is because if you look at the "Institutional Ownership Up Last Month" screener on MSN Money Jones is near the top.
  7. I just looked it up on the charts. It popped the top of the Bollinger Bands. My guess is its not going to stop until 23+. Looked at the intraday chart and the volume was strong all day long up until the very end.
  8. Dont you just want to find a way to short this Stoney. Nevermind Jones or the little pictures on bottles. Somehow I see Cramer's face on television and just want to find a way to short one of his picks.

    I derive this weird sort of pleasure from shorting a Cramer pump. Call it crazy, call it evil. Thats how I feel;)
  9. I don't know if shorting them would be such a good idea. Unless you were able to succesfully short on a day everyone was unloading like last Friday. Today they announced a new senior VP and the stock popped. I think this company is going to grow pretty fast.

    But I wont buy more until it falls back a little bit. I am starting to wonder if that will happen though, 21% of the float is short and if they decide to cover the stock will only surge higher.

    (but in increments)

    start with a 5K position
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