JSDA, the next HANS???

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    Noticing this stock has been rising slowly to new highs on a daily basis, started following it around 12, now at 25+++. Thought about waiting for a pullback but havent seen one yet. Is this the next HANS??? Market Cap is still small and sure has plenty of room to grow, but can one compare this stock to the next HANS or not.
  2. No its not the next HANS. Hansens rode up a solid trend line for the last 2-3 years. JSDA is different because its involved in a mania called the Bump and Run Formation. This formation appears very bullish but can crash. The 2000 tech bubble was one huge bump and run. The homebuilders were a bump and run. If this stock violates the secondary trend line then it will come down quick and crash to new lows.

    You can trade the start of the run in the bump n run, but you dont want to be part of the end run.

    Nowadays, the end runs of the bump n run are very dramatic because people use stop loss orders. As the equity comes down, the selloff intensifies.
  3. If JSDA forms a basin in the 24.5-25.5 range it will breakout to 52 week highs
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    up again, at 28+.

    Stock sold off under 24 this week and now trading 4 dollars higher.
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    For now, high target of 29.17 on the 20 minute chart.
  6. I hope you all bought on that nice little dip. Fortunately, it came up in my system scan and triggered a buy at 24.40. I just wish I added to my position.
  7. What type of systems do you use to scan for potential stocks to buy?
  8. JSDA up in pre market, how long can this baby run?
  9. Im feeling like **** that I sold this at 25

    god I hate it when I sell too soon.

    I bought back this morning at 29.55. Bit the bullet.

    No more wudda cudda shudda

    Going in even though it may be risky I know that it will go up

    no more sitting on the and being a fool

    JSDA is jones'd soda

    Joooness sooodaaaaaa
  10. I buy on dips. I have a system in which the main paramater is closing price that is decreasing for 3 days in a row, with medium to long red candles each of the 3 days, and on the fourth day, the price hits middway up the 3rd red candle, that triggers a buy. Its a little more complicated than that, but those are the basics.
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