JSDA and Cramer

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  1. On Weds, I saw this ramping up during a bad tape and then today, Thurs, it started ramping up more on 3 times the volume with no news. I thought that there was some news afterhours going to take place or maybe the company would indeed get bought by Pepsi.

    Oh, low and behold, the rampup was another Cramer pump. Obviously the news leaked that Cramer was going to feature it on his show on Weds and so thats when his buddies started buying it up.

    I wonder if some of the guys who work at thestreet have their friends and family buy into it beforehand. I have seen this quite a few times before on the Cramer bump.
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    The cramer effect;
    slight up trend
    smartmoney says fu cramer and a quik reversal insues.
    his minions bail out.
    All is well and the ride is over for now.
    The sign said I was tall enough for this ride.
  3. I dont think so and here are my reasons:

    1. Cramers buddies bought in the last few days. They examined the stock and bought in heavy sending the stock up .75 in two days on 3 times the volume. They wouldnt do that if they thought the stock would tank.

    2. Historically, when Cramer compares a small-cap to a larger cap super-success, the stock then flies for days and sometimes weeks or months. Here are a few examples:

    RVBD compared to Cisco, $20 to $34
    DIVX strongly associated with Google, $18 to 30
    GMKT compared to EBAY, up six dollars, too lazy to look it up exactly
    REDF compared to Google, from $14 to 31 in days

    3. 3 million plus shares short, 23 million float in which %50 is owned by insitutions. Some of that float has been soaked up in after hours and by Cramers buddies over the last two days. 100-200k average volume.

    4. Institutions and hedge funds who may short the stock are all on vacation for Christmas. Many will be away from trading desks or leaving early for the day.

    5. Afterhours volume was 400000 alone. There are two more showings of the show later that others will catch not to mention thestreet.com report and the cnbc preview in the morning.

    This stock has never been this high and I am only saying this as an entertaining non-serious guess meaning that I dont think anyone should trade on my specific advice.

    I think this will shoot to 18-20 dollar range in a few days. Volume will be over 3 million tommorrow.
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    funny i havnt watched his show in a while but do recall him saying something along this line.
    NO NO we at cramerica dont trade on m/a rumors.
    Then he proceeds to smash buttons.
    Hes definetly entertaining.
  5. Fade Cramer.