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  1. WHats the deal with this monster?

    ANyone lucky enough to be on board from $10? LOL
  2. S2007S



    10 to 40.

    Maybe it gets too 50+ by friday.
  3. Sky is the limit. Up 25% today just like those Internet stocks in 1999.
  4. Haven't seen a move like this since TASR in 2003.
  5. looks like a blowoff top in the making

    At some point this will make a very nice short

    But when? Not now.
  6. I got a nice long winner on the break...nice for a daytrade.

    Just checked and there are no shares avail to borrow at Merrill.
  7. Whoever got shares to short...nice job. F'n pump and dump China crap.
  8. Now only up 10% vs 25% a few hours ago... :D
  9. What a wild ride on that mutha!

    Hope nobody got hurt too bad.
  10. reg


    I noticed that this stock was downgraded midday by BMUR after it had already ran up 7 pts.
    My question is: why the downgrade while the market was still open and after the stock had already made a big up move?
    Is it possible this firm (BMUR) has a short position on this stock and had to issue the downgrade to bring this sucker back down?
    The reason for the downgrade was that they believed "the recent rally has more than adequately reflected near-term positive developments". This sounds like bullshit to me and smells of stock manipulation.
    Any thoughts?

    Disclosure - I made money on the long side in this stock today (1.2 pts - out way too soon) but this type of manipulation (if indeed it was) pisses me off since I could easily be on the wrong side next time this happens.
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